Why India Should Re-Elect Congress !!

Aniruddha Rege

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You must think I'm mad. With the current Anti-Congress fad in the country, I'm sure I won't be able to gather much support for this campaign of mine. But, I do not wish to force your decision. I only ask that you hear me out, and then make the right decision!

 It has been almost 3 years, since Suresh Kalmadi first enthralled us with the CWG scam. It was a scam on a level never before seen in this country. For the first time, politicians were being openly named, and the media was having a field day. There were discussions every night about cases. High profile politicians and judges were called, and asked their opinions. Who was the winner? The people, of course!

This was entertainment like never before. It was like a reality show, without any rigging.
We tuned in every night, craving for fresh entertainment. Here, at last was something
that could match those horrible daily soaps!

But it didn't stop there. The government recognized that this scam was getting stale, and that the country needed something fresher. So, it came up with something bigger and better ....The 2G Scam! This was brilliant. Amounts in the tune of lakhs of crores were being talked about....numbers we didn't know even existed! Again, high level politicians were named, and even arrested - a new twist in the story. The Government made sure that they revealed the twists at the right time, so that the surprise wasn't spoiled for us.

There were also countless debates about the amounts involved, the people involved and the bullshit involved , debates on whether women should be denied bail. The opposition played it's part brilliantly by staging elaborate walk-outs during parliamentary sessions, thus ensuring that the entire scam became even more expensive. The Parliament was becoming more exciting than any of the tasks in MTV Roadies!

Parliament: This is the TV Show of the decade!
Then came the awesome, albeit short-lived Anna Hazare movement. The government really surpassed itself there. They arrested Anna, then let him go. They gave him the silent treatment, then invited him for talks. Leaving everyone confused in the process, the government actually manged to stall the passing of the Lokpal Bill! The public was kept guessing, and our attention never wavered but even then, they managed to fool us all. This government is a true magician!

Anna Hazare: Completely confused!
There were many more scandals initiated by our awesome government, ensuring that we were kept entertained throughout their term. How else were they gonna get the votes...by boring their voters with their progress? But we have unfortunately misunderstood the UPA. We thought that they were doing these scams for their own benefits but in actuality now we know how wrong we were, and how noble the Government's intentions were!

Now, the main opposition BJP has had it's share scandals. But they are nowhere near the same level as the Congress scams, and they tend to fade out quickly. This is not very entertaining at all. Narendra Modi did try his best with the Gujarat Riots controversy, but that is old news now. It is not capable of holding our interest anymore!

And then there is always the reason called Rahul Gandhi! We Indians love dynasties, and we have none better than the Gandhi Family. And the scion of this great family is an enigma, to say the least. So many questions surround him, that even Wikipedia is at a loss.

Will he become Prime Minister? Is he capable of running the country? Does he even want to run the country? Is he still a Mama's boy, or has grown up to be something more? So many questions! But there is one question whose answer we already have. Is one year enough to answer all these questions? Hell NO! That is why you must re-elect the UPA to power. So that we get another 5 years to solve this mystery called Rahul Gandhi. Sure, you might help the country a little by not voting for them, but that is not important. To solve these mysteries, and getting entertained thoroughly in the process is what is important.

Rahul Gandhi: Man of Mystery
I have a couple of more reasons, but they are minor. For one thing, I love the Godfather - dynamic at the center. Were you thinking about Manmohan Singh? Haha, I meant Sonia Gandhi. Manmohan Singh is clearly the consiglieri to Sonia Gandhi, who is the Don. Now, that is very tough to achieve! Don't you want to see if this dynamism will last another 5 years? Whether Manmohan Singh will say anything more than an awesome "Theek Hai"? The Nation Wants Answers, as our dear Arnab Goswami would yell!

Whichever alliance you elect to power, the roads will be as bad as ever, water will be just as scarce, and farmers will still be committing suicide by the dozens. Food will keep getting more expensive, and Petrol will become unaffordable. But with the UPA, the scams will be bigger, they will involve more people, and they will last longer. That is why the UPA is the better choice. If we don't get to fill our stomach at least we can watch some entertainment and fill our heart.

But like I said, I wouldn't dream of forcing your choice. I understand that you are feeling very Anti-Congress right now. But, in the end, I hope you will vote for what is more important. You know, according to the reasons I have given you! ;)

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