The 25th Celebration of Love

I dedicate the following poem to my parents, whose selfless and splendid love towards me, I greatly appreciate. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I thank my parents and relatives for a wonderful and a memorable 25th evening here in Jodhpur. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

On this very day, 25 years back...
The Almighty himself redefined love...
Of liking and learning, there was no lack...
Their affection, as peaceful as a dove.

I write this poem, a satisfied son...
How could I have existed without you?
Without you, there would have been no great things done...
And there wouldn't have been this poem new.

Bilaspur was where it all began...
And then Vizag was where we all went...
There emerged an another kid, now a man...
We made wonderful brothers, in our happy tent.

Nagpur was the next city in line...
The five odd years we spent there were the best...
Hyderabad, the city of pearls, was just fine...
To move out, for us, was indeed a real test.

Today, in Jodhpur, in this beautiful resort...
On Christmas eve, and six days away from New Year...
The zeal and zest, today, shouldn't fall short...
My best wishes to mom,dad and all the ones dear.

Canvas Network :Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC's The Walking Dead by UC Irvine

A Massive Open Online Course on a TV Series was least expected and perhaps one of the more exciting things to happen in the world of online education. Being a follower of the TV Series, I decided to take the course hoping it would be as interesting as the TV series. I was pretty impressed with the U.C. Irvine instructor line-up, they had a social science lecturer Dr. Joanne Christopherson, a public health doctor Dr. Zuzana Bic, a mathematician Dr. Sarah Eichhorn and a physicist Dr. Michael Dennin - all plotting and planning to educate us to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Society Science Survival : Lessons from AMC's The Walking Dead

Tigers At Home, Timid In Another Dome

An ODI series win against Australia and victory against the West Indies was a perfect home season for India. At the end of the home season, India were numero uno in the ODI team rankings by a huge margin,10 rating points to be precise.The future of Indian cricket looked very promising and everyone was expecting a good show by the Indian team in South Africa and New Zealand.
Right after the conclusion of the 3rd ODI between India and West Indies, Virat Kohli had repeatedly emphasized on the significance of the South African tour. He had said that his team would do well in the all-important tour of the rainbow nation. Little did he know what horror and humiliation had to follow. India need to ask themselves a bunch of questions before they take on the Proteas for the test series.They indeed have a lot to ponder on.

Dhoni South Africa Tour

#16 Doctor Fate vs Doctor Strange

After Zatanna faced off against the Scarlet Witch, it is now the turn of the male magicians to prove their mettle through spells and blasts.

Dr. Strange
Name : Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange
Affiliation : The Avengers
Background: Stephen earned his medical degree in record time and entered a five year residency at the New York Hospital where his talent allowed him to become the top neurosurgeon before he turned 30. Once quite wealthy, Dr. Strange spent all his money after a debilitating car accident which had rendered his nerves seriously damaged. He spent his last amount looking for the Ancient One, the mystic protector of the Earth Realm, hoping for a miracle. After being exposed to the mystic realm, Strange accepted the Ancient One's offer of tutoring him and soon became a Sorcerer Supreme.

Dr FateName : Kent Nelson
Affiliation : The Justice League, Justice Society Of America
Background: Kent Nelson was the son of an archaeologist. When on a trip to Mesopotamia, he found an ancient immortal Nabu, from planet Cilia, trapped in a state of animated suspension. When he freed him, the lever accidentally released a poisonous gas which killed his father. Nabu decided to mentor him and teach him the secrets of the universe. He was given an amulet, cloak and a helmet to serve as an agent of Lords of Order and a champion of the Good, Doctor Fate.


Dr Fate vs Dr Strange

Jack Straight From The Gut by Jack Welch with John. A. Byrne

Harsha Reddy
Harsha Vardhan Reddy

Harsha is a final year student of Mechanical Engineering at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. He has led various student initiatives in the past three years in Pilani and has just finished his summer internship at Accenture Management Consulting. He was also the head of AIESEC chapter at BITS Pilani.

Bytes and Banter VercdictThis is the autobiography of Jack Welch, the chairman and CEO of General Electric from 1981 to 2001 and one of the biggest corporate icons of twentieth century. First of all, let me just say that this book certainly justifies its caption. It is written with great honesty and is neatly divided into various parts, each part representing different phases of Mr.Welch`s life. As expected, it invariably consists of GE from beginning to end.

The book is an exciting tale about an Irish boy from Massachusetts, climbing up the corporate to the highest of positions. The book gives a great insight into the early years of Jack and how his years at high school and college helped him in building a philosophy. Jack, starting as a chemical engineer at GE was initially frustrated with the bureaucracy and even thought of quitting. This is exactly what he goes on to change as the CEO and make GE a dynamic and “boundary less” organization.

Jack Straight From The Gut

Protest Against Smelly Stubble (P.A.S.S.)

If you ask me to list out some of the problems which are nation's top priorities, Corruption, Rape and Rising Prices Of The Common Indian Food will definitely be my guess but Smelly Stubble; naah not so much. Well, you may argue that I am not a woman or that I do not have the capacity to grow hair like those of the sadhu babas but surely that doesn't mean that it calls for a movement against stubble grown by men.

For those of you who are still unaware, Gillette has started a movement - Protest Against Smelly Stubble to arrest the growing trend. They have brainwashed doctors, Bollywood and Tollywood actors and actresses to drive forward this propoganda and hope it will catch onto the local people too. They hold conferences and meetings in major cities where the actresses cite various stupid reasons to not let their men grow a stubble and then force their supporting male counterparts to shave on the set.

Protest Against Smelly Stubble

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