This afternoon, (when I was supposed to study for tomorrow's Probability and Statistics), I was watching videos on YouTube and I saw this 20 minute video on TED "Jarrett J. Krosoczka: How a boy became an artist"

So, one might wonder who the heck is Jarrett J. Krosoczka, right? He's a children's author and illustrator form United States. So what? What fascinated me about Jarrett was his story. In this TED talk Jarrett J. Krosoczka describes his journey from naive doodles, kiddish comic stories that he drew in classes, to becoming one of Print Magazines's one of 20 Top New Visual Artists.

How to start your own College Page

With a plethora of updates hogging my news feed, I feel I have to get rid of these pages or all hope shall be lost of my getting good marks in the mid-semester exams. If you are not able to follow what I am talking about then you must not have heard of the multiple pages being made such as <CollegeName> Confessions, <CollegeName> Compliments, <CollegeName> Bhadaas ... I have also heard that <CollegeName> Proposals is soon to start.

So what is the trick to start such a page?

From India with Fear

Every time this happens, I’m certain there shall be scores of debates and blog posts written. These mediums of expression have served nothing more than taming the frustration and sharing the scorn the masses hold against the government. These debates will soon die out as the day passes and the blog posts shall be buried in the vast pool of data that is furnished every hour. I am sad to say this is one such post. I am hopeless in admitting this would do no more than giving my ire an image. These are those questions which have no answers…….

QuirkyAlone day: Celebration of freedom and individuality

For the past few years 14th of February had been a boring #foreveralone day in my life. But February 14th, 2013 changed things forever. This is when I discovered, how to celebrate a Quirkyalone day.

Background: A few days back, me and a bunch of friends, played this game, where one had to make a choice between two, which was followed by a group discussion on the same. We started off with petite ones like “Sunny Leone or Aishwarya Rai”, “Beauty or brain”, “Money or Fame”; the game took a whole new turn with my question “Two buddies or a girlfriend”, followed by debate and ended when one of us called his girl and on loudspeaker justified why he chose two buddies. The discussion had ended but we weren't satisfied, still unsure of our choice.

Mind Your Language

India is a land of varied diversity, be it in terms of culture, race, creed or even languages. What intrigues me the most is the fact that a country like ours can house an entire language family as compared to other bigger ones like China, U.S.A., Russia who are happy with their one and only language.

When you know it!

When you know it’s time to step out of the bed and pull yourself together, the mind fails to consider the chilly weather your bones crack in.

You were in school. There was your mother to drag you out.

You were in college. You had the luxury of letting go.

You are working. You have a stack full of research material and thousands of lines of code waiting; your supervisor whining. You don’t need anything else to stun you out of the bed, do you?

An Open Letter To Zuckerberg

Dear Mark Zuckerberg ,

Namaste! from one of your one billion users. Before I begin, I beg you to shudder of all presumptions. This ain't a regular bitchy open letter. I thumbs-up ‘like’ you Mr. Zuckerberg. What you've achieved inspires me.

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