How Paris Caused the Trojan War

Almost every single book or post on the Trojan War blames Helen for causing the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. They call her 'the face that launched a thousand ships'. I do not disagree that she played a major part but I strongly believe that if it had not been for that nincompoop Paris then none of this would have ever happened.

The Destruction of Troy

Future Imperfect

This weekend Bytes and Banter and the website are proud to present this international, cross cultural blog collaboration. We present this post made by Anthony Curtis, the blog admin of

Anthony Curtis is a member of Mensa as well as a blogger, originally from Jacksonville,FL now living in Great Falls, MT. When not debating on Star Wars or getting lost on, he can be found writing for and working on his serial novel Spark Of Tyranny. is about over thinking about Geek culture - movies,  video games, technology etc... It is a place where whether Luke Skywalker's lighsaber can cut Superman can be discussed.

#4: Iron Man vs Green Lantern

As Green Lantern had a huge advantage over Iron Man with his normal armour , we compare him with Iron Man wearing his Bleeding Edge armour for this fight.

Name: Tony Stark
Affiliation: The Avengers
Background:  Son of the famous scientist Howard Stark, Anthony (or better known as Tony) Stark inherited his father’s company Stark Industries after his parents died. Making weapons he grew into a “ Genius, Millionaire, Playboy ” and supplied new and high technology weapons to the US Govt. Going to supervise a field test in the Gulf ( previously Vietnam) he tripped a booby trap which caused a piece of shrapnel to be loaded into his chest. Building the arc reactor and a suit to keep him alive and fight evil he became Iron Man.

Name: Hal Jordan
Affiliation: The Justice League
Background: He was the first human-being to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps when he was chosen by the dying Abin Sur’s ring. Acting as a galactic police officer he was to take care of everyone who lived in Sector 2814 of the universe. He fought his own mentor Sinestro and defeated him to save the universe. He later became one of the founding members of Justice League along with Superman, Batman , Wonder Woman and a few others.


Beyond Messi and Ronaldo

Watched by over two-thirds the world’s population, it wouldn’t demand brains to guess its football (not the American version). Its activity and market has made it noticeable while it’s past and the superstars that it never fails to nurture, has made it all the more enticing. But one thing certainly managed to pull my grey matter out of its comfort zone and keep it guessing.......... 

Why only RONALDO or MESSI?

Drunken Revelry

Disclaimer - This story is semi-fabricated, a part of it is true, the rest is the masala for the readers :P. The characters in it are not real but are moulded from my office colleagues.

"Wake up yaar! We are already late for the office party, all the others are waiting for us neeche (down)". I still remember Rajnee's voice which had brought an end to my blissful sleep. After 10 hours of journey from Hyderabad to Bangalore, I was so tired that I fell asleep even before my head had hit the pillow. I quickly woke my room-partners Padnees and Gutter ( He threw 6 gutters in a row while bowling... what else should we call him ). We suited up and headed downstairs where Gajan and Shakmil were waiting for us. Rajnee and Daniel were the last to come. Rajnee wore a blazer on top of his T-shirt, clearly aiming to compete for the 'Best Dressed Male' in the office party (which he did win later ). We drove away quickly, aiming not to be late for the party .

The Hindi Serial 'Killers'

I was more than excited to start watching serials which glued my grandma and the other housewives in my building to the Idiot box. The intermediate studies for IITJEE gave me no time to enjoy, so I only decided to give it a try when I came home after my first year. Little did I know that I would learn such a great deal of stuff from them –

#3: Winter Soldier vs Nightwing

One of the most interesting matchups ever… It is one sidekick vs another. They also shared a similar history and in the future both take up the position of their hero after the original characters die or are presumed to be dead.

Winter SoldierName : James Buchanan Barnes
Affiliated To : The Avengers
Background : Formerly known as Bucky Barnes, he was the sidekick of Captain America. He was believed to be dead after The Captain’s face off with the Red Skull, but later returned as Winter Soldier. He shared the same fate as the captain and was frozen in the ice only to be discovered by the Russian instead of the American forces. Removing his lost arm they replaced him with a new bionic arm and became a lethal assassin under the Russians. He remained in stasis in between the Russian assigned missions and so hasn’t aged much. After meeting Capt. America he came back to senses and joined Avengers.

Name : Richard Grayson
Affiliated To: The Justice League
Background : Formerly known as Robin, he assisted Batman in many of the missions. After coming of age when he could no longer be Robin he emerged as Nightwing and tested his detective skills by taking unsolvable cases.  He too follows Batman’s policy of not killing people, be it friends or foes. He uses a utility belt like his trainer and knocks out his foes with his agility and power.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Not many days ago, a friend of mine told me it was fresh to find me reading literature. May be just the compliment I needed to buy myself a jewel. Probably the cheapest one I’d ever imagine. As flipkart keeps its word and delivers it in 4 working days (even to places far away), I ripped of the package and there it sat. Nearly 200 pages, paper-bound with brown letters shining when light knocked them at an obtuse angle.  Unlike many, who would lock up their jewels in a cast iron safe, I decided to keep it with me till I’m done with it. So, there I was, walking, tossing, turning and twisting my body as my eyes and mind refused to unlock themselves  from the bold letters of the book.

One Day Diary

21 years in the bag and time never seemed more hot footed and hostile.  Clock couldn’t move faster than now as I was trying to organize myself and tend to the immediate task of getting on with the selection process.

Interview With The Man Of The Hour

A student of Information Technology from GBTU, Noida (formerly known as UPTU, Lucknow), she is a gizmo freak... She is head-over-heels about astrology and not the everything-is-planned kind of freak, a firm believer of the many unique and wonderful qualities of the different zodiac signs and many other stuff.. Her likes and dislikes are as wide as the amplitude of a pendulum from English classical literature to rock music. She is the blog admin for the blog Let Me Know 

It was a moment every Indian dreams about. (Though I confess it does get quirky with random thoughts in quick succession of you punching the fake smile out of the khadi-clad). Never in my long 20 years have I felt so committed to a task. The fact that I was going to be face-to-face with the ex-CM felt like my moral responsibility towards the nation. I would be shamelessly honest; I had deep respect for the man. After several monumental scams and myriad acquisitions of the gravest intensity, if there was a man who could still walk like he blessed Mother Earth by the virtue of being born it was just this VVIP. Hence, I had no qualms about waiting for four hours for having an “early” morning breakfast with the man; I have nothing better to do, you see.

Coursera - Design and Analysis of Algorithms Course by Tim Roughgarden

Tim RoughgardenI learnt Data Structures and Algorithms in my third year of engineering and scored a modest B, so when I took Prof Roughgarden's Algorithms class just to revise the concepts for the upcoming placements in college. I expected it to be a walkover as generally all the courses I took in Coursera were simpler than BITS in classroom learning.

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