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Dee Dee  is a hardly working employee from Mumbai with a passion for blogging and reading chick-books, crappy music and dirty dancing. She is an extrovert who is insanely straightforward by day and a drama-queen at her blog. A silent observer and dreamer, her list goes on as she reveals the layers of her personality. She loves what she writes and cares about what the world thinks. She speaks her mind and has enough slang in her purse to put even an uncouth truck driver to shame. Visit her at Meri Nautanki ke Nautankey

First, I really wanna thank Bytes and Banter to give this insane-brain damaged psycho a chance to be their guest blogger. Hats off to you do have some guts there along with an awesome choice for a guest blogger :P

Well...apart from my typical attention-seeking self thoughts... today I also had thoughts about last Saturday.
I had a day off, my parents were out of town and I decided to do something productive. I looked around the house and decided that it needed I took the pile of clothes off my wardrobe to put them in the right place when I noticed that in  the wardrobe,  pressed and folded clothes were kept in order. As I turned to keep the pile of dirty laundry on the floor and pick up the pressed clothes, I noticed that my cheque book was lying on the side table. I checked it out to realize that it had only one leaflet left and that I should order another one. So I kept the pressed clothes on the bed and I went to the hall to fetch my pen. Unfortunately there I was distracted by the news papers lying in a mess. I decided to pick them up...when I  saw a pile of letters and bills lying beneath the newspapers. As I sat to sort those bills, I started feeling hungry...I left those bills to make myself a quick something. I entered the kitchen and start making myself some sandwich. While doing so I turned around to find some unwashed previous night utensils. Wondering about washing them I received a phone call from a friend who asked me out for an evening...

When I came back home,

The house wasn't clean.
The pile of dirty clothes were on the floor.
The neatly folded and pressed clothes were on the bed.
The cheque book, still had only one leaflet.
The newspapers were on the couch.
The bills remain unsorted and scattered.
Vessels were still in stacked in the kitchen.
The sandwich knife and bread was still out of the fridge

Trying to figure out why nothing had got done today, I was really baffled. I know that it was a really busy day, and that in the end I was really tired...but DAMN!! my parents would return the next day and everything should have been clean.


  1. Thanks Bytes and Banter
    It was a pleasure writing for you guys :-)

  2. There have been so many days like this in my life, I have lost count :D So, I understand what you mean :P

    1. lol i think its just in-built with a few people...we are born geniuses :P


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