Realize the Republic!

"Just an another day" for most people...
Alas!The celebrations are feeble.
A 'National Festival',as it is regarded...
But,does anyone care if the nation is guarded?

The Rajpath revelry begins early in the morning...
A prominent procession, but, the viewership is alarming!
Nice patriotic songs are scheduled to be sung...        
Some do sing, but very few remember those who were hung.

Republic Day Parade

Immortals Of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

The concept of imagining Gods as ancient and legendary heroes is an idea which might have struck many people across ages but building a conceptually believable storyline revolving around the myths and beliefs of this God is truly impressive. Needless to say, Amish has done a fine job in creating a fast-paced, exciting novel series based on the many myths of the Hindu Mythology.

Through this book, Mr. Tripathi has taken up a very sensitive topic as Indians don't take literature on their Gods very lightly. He has carefully threaded through the plot without any sort of controversial discussions or diversions. Some of Lord Shiva's habits, like that of smoking ganja is a strict no-no in our modern society but in the book has been shown on a pretty light note allowing the reader to draw his own interpretation.

#17 Catwoman vs Black Cat

The feline forces of the comic universes, Black Cat representing Marvel and Catwoman representing DC take on each other for a fight to glory and death. With each having nine lives and cat like agility, the fight boils down to speed and accuracy.

CatwomanName : Selina Kyle
Affiliation : Justice League, The Batman Family
Background :  Surviving as a petty thief in the East End of Gotham city after her mother committed suicide and her father drank himself to death, Selina Kyle was inspired by Batman. Fighting to survive in the small world, she chose a cat as her aspiration and donned capes and claws to terrorise the villains of the East End. Having a love-hate relationship with Batman, she has always been portrayed as an anti-heroine with her own moral code. Despite her villainous nature, she works hard to protect the East End of Gotham City.

Black CatName : Felicia Hardy
Affiliation : Avengers, Heroes For Hire
Background : Having a burglar father can have its perks, Felicia Hardy had initially mastered multiple martial arts in order to save her father from the prison but later fell in love with Spiderman and changed her ways to be a superhero.


Catwoman vs Black Cat

Cold January Nights

After the Sun sets, when the clock strikes seven...
You cover yourself with coats and quilts and feel like heaven.
You try to get up and engage in the home sciences...
But you just can't and unexploited lie the appliances.

You switch on the idiot box, in hope of resurrection...
As if it would change the whole complexion.
Constantly and casually, the channels are browsed...    
And soon, the curiosity fades away, which earlier had aroused.    
Baby in sheets

Sub Conscious Life Hacks

Every man, no matter how hard he works, eventually takes shortcuts to meet his goal. Whether it be by pushing it on to his subordinates or by 'Googling' his problems, the emphasis of smart work over hard work and dearth of time has severely changed the everyday man's philosophy. These shortcuts or life hacks are now ingrained and no matter how hard we try, we subconsciously do deploy them to make our lives easier.

DISCLAIMER  - None of these tips have been discovered or invented by me.

1. Bouncing Batteries - How do you know if the batteries are still functional? Simple, just bounce them on the floor to check if they still have juice in them, if they do, they won't bounce very high while the discharged ones are virtually heavy ping-pong balls. While this was initially thought of as a myth, the scientific reason behind this is quite interesting - as alkaline batteries discharge, the chemistry inside changes and produces Hydrogen gas, creating pressure and making it easier for the battery to bounce and topple. Sadly, it only works in the alkaline ones, so the ones throwing their Li-ion ones are clearly wasting their time.

Bouncing Battery Test

2013 At A Glance and A Wish For 2014

Everybody has done it, so why not us !!! The year 2013 has come to a close and has left us with lifelong memories, some good and some bad. We recapitulate some key events which has affected India and we also hope for a much better and improved 2014.

We start with sports, because that is what interests the majority of the Indian population. In cricket,our biggest achievement of the year was the Champions Trophy win in England. Most people didn't give Dhoni's men a chance at the start of the tournament and very rightly so, given the fact that India were brutally beaten both in the test and ODI series in their previous tour of England. However, Dhoni's men defied all odds and emerged victorious, adding yet another trophy to the country's tally. India lost the last cricket series of 2013 going down to South Africa in the test series, further worsening their record away from home. A series win in the rainbow nation would have been a perfect ending to the year. Nevertheless, the tour to New Zealand begins shortly and we have a chance to begin well in 2014. Also, the T20 World Cup this year is a great opportunity for India to strengthen the team for the all important 2015 World Cup.

Champions Trophy 2013 Winners India
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