In search of a Dark Knight

India continues to be unled despite a Rising Rahul in a falling Congress and a towering Modi in a stagnant BJP...
India 2013. We are still led by the same worn-out technocrat, and a party which believes in succession right of a family than in democracy. A disarray main opposition party which has been swelled with egos and smuggled by personal ambitions, ever since the fall of Vajpayee; looks towards a promising but tainted Modi.

Republic Day

So, two more days to another Republic Day. The same Republic Day Parade. Most people sitting back at home and watching Chak De India or Border. A vague sense of patriotism, followed by cynicism hitting us. What's new?

One might argue how things seem to have changed in the past few years. We have awakened, held mass protests and are slowly moving towards India 2.0

edX - 6.00x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

My first course with edX was always going to be special. Learning from the MIT Open Courseware from the beginning of my college life, I was delighted to know from a friend that MITx was going to be launched. This MITx soon flowered into edX, a joint collaboration with Harvard and other notable colleges. After the success of 6.002x which was taught by Anant Agrawal, they introduced another course - 6.00x which taught the basics of Computer Science through Python. Eager  to learn more of Python I joined this course with much enthusiasm.

The topics were segmented into 13 major parts and taught by the very famous Eric Grimson, John Guttag and Chris Terman.

Cricket : When We Look For Entertainment Outside The Game

With India losing almost all recent matches , the public is down and out with screams of "Sack Dhoni", "Sachin shouldn't retire" and what not. The media is no better and is doing what it does best - inciting the plebians (which you can read in our other article -  The News Killers.) But being the optimistic person that I am, I look to other ventures for having fun even when my team is beaten to the ground...

So here are a few things to do when India is losing -

Of Pakistan and Hypocrisy

Every now and then, whenever things with Pakistan get fussy (read: screwed up); there is a sudden outcry hether and thither to send Pakistani artists or sports persons or not to allow them in. Sadly enough it's not just Shiv Sena or someone similar, but even sports persons standing up and advocating 'No Entry' to players from Pakistan. Olympian and Arjun Awardee, former Indian player Mukesh Kumar suggest that commentators like Ramiz Raja and Wasim Akram should also be sent back, as if they were the ones who beheaded the Indian soldiers.

Online Education - A Time-Effective Mode of Learning

Evita Knutson

Evita is a technical content writer from the United Kingdom. She is very much into the core and crux of Finance and is presently focusing on PPI Claims. You can follow her through her Twitter account @financeport .

The word ‘Time management’ plays an important role in everyone’s life in one or the other way. This can be related to education too, as it’s a continuous process that runs along with time. Preparing a time-task chart in an effective way leads to success. The way you complete your daily tasks in a given time, itself is a challenge, which many people cannot overcome. For such people, who have a passion towards studies, but are unable to go for regular courses due to many reasons, this online education will be helpful in an improved way and is also a time saving method. The moment you get connected through internet, irrespective of place; you can start learning effectively.

Let us see the advantages of online learning:-

The News 'Killers'

The thing about 24x7 news channels is that they go on 24x7.

Running all the time is difficult. Running 24x7 and receiving the thrived TRP even tougher. They look for stories and pull them thrice it’s elastic limits. 
Cricket is something, which most Indians hold close to their hearts. As such you can always find AajTak, IndiaTV and other cartoon channels showing some irritating bit of news (news? Lol!).

A new cricket match, may it be a test match against Bangladesh,  it never remains a mere cricket match. They call it WAR. A foreign tour begins with “Karlo England Fatah!” headlines. If you win it’s not just a win it is “Kangaruo ko Dhool Chatayi!” or “Pakistan ko karaara jawaab”. And if you lose…?

You have my permission to die!

Well to begin with they would get themselves some catchy shitty headlines like a few I saw some days back “Dhoni, ban gaye anhoni?” “Team India ko ‘Bhagwan Sachin’ ka Shrap!” . As if this torture wasn’t enough. You would find jobless ex-cricketers, making a fool of themselves, debating blabbering and screaming, along with comedians like Veena Malik, or even worse Vinod Kambli.

Even when no cricket matches are being played, they have enough content (content? lol!) to run theit show. The stuff, these news channels are really fond of is RETIREMENT.  You’ll have big letters flashing on your screen Should Sachin/Sehwag/ <Insert some other 30+ cricketer> retire from ODIs? Hasn’t he played enough? youngsters deserve chance! Selectors show some guts!  

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