A Dialogue In The Dark

What amazes me most is the practicality of the approach and the experience it provides to the gen folks. A must visit for everyone, this is a new step (actually they started out in 2010, I just visited recently) towards empowering the differently-abled people.

To those of you who have no idea about what I am ranting -  'Dialogue In The Dark' is an initiative to make a gen  person experience how it feels to step into a blind man's shoes.

The Hyderabad 'Dialogue In The Dark' (the only 1 in India) provides 2 modes of enlightening the public - 'The Exhibition' and 'The Taste Of Darkness'. I was so amazed by 'The Exhibition' that I decided to  go for the 'Taste Of Darkness' too.

That Awesome Journey ;)

Train journeys are all about possibilities. There are a variety of things you could go through on a train journey. You could get robbed by a group of psycho dacoits on the way. You could end up getting food poisoning or constipation from a samsosa. You could make new friends; meet old enemies. Or if you were me you could be all alone in an empty berth planning to spend the night reading Khushwant Singh’s selected short stories.

Indian Avengers

After so many posts illustrating 'The Justice League vs Avengers', my friends talked me into discussing what would happen if there was an Indian version of Avengers made...

So who would be the members?? My guesses are -

G-OneG-One (Jeevan meaning life) - Shah Rukh Khan almost sealed the deal by copying almost all body parts of Tony Stark when he acted in the blockbuster Ra-One. He has a fake and detachable heart, can shoot laser bolts and has cyborg like strength ( He destroys the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, as if Kasab and his friends hadn't done enough).

KrrishKrrish - Superhuman body reflexes, strength, stamina... this reaks of Captain America. Krrish is played by Hrithik Roshan, who inherited some powers from his father ( His father was in turn given powers by an E.T. named Jaadoo ). Krrish is also said ( and seen in movies ) to have a huge leaping capability, maybe equivalent to the Hulk. Wikipedia says he can cross 1/8th of a mile in a single jump.

From BITS with hope

He took out his ID card and stared at the cheesy face, he could not contain but wear the same sorry look as his lips slowly started curving into a smile.  Perhaps the smile that drew him towards a chemistry lecture when he was scribbling in his friend’s book, which was the obvious option when plated up against a ‘chemistry’ lecture that was putting the weak minds to bed and teasing the bright ones. The lecture brought him to a senior’s room, filled with grins and guffawing while an ‘Illad’ was singing a ‘gult’ song. That very smile ignited the most flammable of his thoughts that was waiting to burn all the travail that took his wit and sweat for the past four years, and let the holy smoke reach his soul as he started to sense the heat and shed a tear acknowledging his journey. That cathartic moment brought him back his college days......... a timeless timeline......


Towards a better Diwali !

Festivals,they say are about joy,happiness and similar shit. How I wish they were true..

So, I'm back home for Diwali (if anyone cares) and the other day was planning to catch up with one of my chaddi buddies. "R u in town?" I text-ed him. "Abhi mushkil hai. Mum-Dad fight. Badi mushkil se silent kiya hai". Today morning even my "home-sweet-home" became witness to a similar fight. Not that fights didn't happen earlier, but I kept myself distracted with JEE preparations. Now that I'm jobless , I can't help but think about why our senior generations fight so much ?

Compare home with Hostel life.There weren't such bicker-backers. Yes, we do consistently abuse each other, but all that's not from the heart! Why we, Junior generation have to play the sensible middlemen when senior generations fight? I've no clue about the answers, for I'm no philosopher or psychiatrist. I'm just a blogger-cum-Engineering student. And like any ideal engineering student ,I can at least optimize the problem.

Coursera - Learn To Program : The Fundamentals by Paul Gries and Jennifer Campbell

After taking the CS101: Building a Search Engine course in Udacity I grew a special fondness for Pythonscripting. It seemed much easier and less complicated than the other two languages I had learnt - Java and C, but as I didn't have any formal education I decided to take up Learn To Program : The Fundamentals class by Paul Gries and Jennifer Campbell.

The course was spread across 7 weeks with lecture videos, weekly quizzes, biweekly assignments and a final exam. To get a certificate one needs to clear the coursework with a minimum of 70%. This, I felt was much easier than the other courses as the final exam was of only 25% and the quiz questions didn't change much so by the 3rd try, one generally knew all the correct answers or atleast enough to get a 70% in that.

#6: Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna Zatara

The conjurers who have many a times saved the Earth from the brink of destruction now meet to decide who is the alpha - conjurer...

Scarlet WitchName : Wanda Maximoff
Affiliation : Avengers
Background : Wanda is the daughter of Magneto and twin sister of Quicksilver. The twins were initially inducted into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but were later recruited into the Avengers team by Iron Man ( after the X-Men captured Magneto and Toad ). In the Avengers team, Wanda found her love, the robot Vision and they got married with blessings of their team-mates. Wanda had two kids with Vision   ( Don't ask me how !!!) Thomas and William.

Zatanna ZataraName : Zatanna Zatara
Affiliation : Justice League of America
Background : Zatanna is the daughter of Giovani Zatara of the mystical Homo Magi class of humans. Along with her brother Zachary, she makes her living as a stage illusionist prior to discovering her magical powers. She then meets Batman and Robin disguised as a witch under control of a terrible villain The Outsider. She later helps Justice League in resolving many cases before formally becoming a part of it.


Scarlet Witch vs ZatannaWanda vs Zatanna

Where's our Obama ?

The newspapers today morning were full with the news of Barack Obama's re-election in the World's Largest Economy. I've always fancied Obama'a Oratory skills. He seems like a man, who would lead the Nation through any storm; or at least that's what his facial expressions suggest . As I read  Obama's victory speech ,this morning I compared our leader’s speeches. Our guys won’t talk about issues, problems and solutions. They would rather choose to play with the listener’s emotions. As I looked back at Obama’s image in the newspaper I asked myself Where’s our Obama?

President Barack Obama
Well my mind retorted back, our country leaders won’t stand up to lead the country; they would rather prefer pitting casts and communities against each other, fighting over silly issues and planning new scams.
I had to rush to my class, but the question ball kept hitting the walls of my mind...Who’s our charismatic Obama? Yeah one could crack a joke, someone as brilliant as Sachin ! But on a serious note we do need a leader who can lead the nation from front . How long can we survive with a Prime Minister, who lacks backbone, no matter how good an economist he is …

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