Sachha TDC

TDC is short for a 'Typical Delhi Chutya'. If you believe that you have never ever seen them before in your life.. well you are wrong. They are everywhere. India is plagued with TDCs as Hamelin was plagued by rats. Sadly, there is no Pied Piper who can rid us of this evil, instead we have a Honey Singh who brings out the TDCness in everyone. Identifying one is no rocket science either as they wanna stand out so people notice them. It is really quite simple -
They are the people who wear weird-ass clothes in the name of 'Fashion'.
They are the people who wear sunglasses at night in malls to look 'kool'.
They are the people who strike '\m/' and 'V' poses with every photo.
They are the people who use 'dude', 'faak' and 'ma' in every single sentence.
They are the people who create and highlight life events whenever they fart, piss or take a dump.
They are those facebook friends who post emo messages and then don't tell you what happened.

Delhi Meme

But these Indian wannabes don't stop at that, they claim to possess knowledge in all fields and often wear you out with their wrong misconceptions and information. They will then tell you about their sexual escapades and how they cheated the system but still got away with it. During this, they curse as if there is no tomorrow, dragging mothers, sisters and families into every swear as if they are Raghu from Roadies (Mind you, he is the idol of most of the wannabes). At first people listen but as they keep on ranting about how daring they are, they become a laughing stock.

TDC Pokemon

If you imagine that TDCs only refer to the cool wannabe dudes.. well you are wrong again. Remember Esha The Goddess from Dadagiri. Yes, the same chick who wore skimpy clothes, carried a whip and used the word 'fuck' more times than Dexter's Debra Morgan. Well, before she got slapped right across the face, she possessed most of the qualities of a pakka TDC.

Esha The Goddess

But TDCs are an integral part of every Indian's life and exterminating them like Hitler almost did to the Jews would be wrong.. They play an instrumental role in teaching us how not to be like them. They help us differentiate good from bad, wrong from right and black from white.

To all the TDCs out there in the world..
Kudos to you guys, you make our lives entertaining and interesting !!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks !! I am planning to request God to add a grey cell to the brains of the TDCs for every page view I get on this post.

  2. Wait .. aren't you from TDC land too :P

  3. Soumo what a take on TDCs .. ki diye cho .. ek dom fhata fhati !! Supper Like !! Wannabes of Delhi taken for a lifetime ride


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