The Lumbering Loner

                             Chapter 2:Sam visits Shawn's place

Shawn was, by nature, a submissive and a timid person. However, fortunately for him and all those who believe in humanity, he had a brother who was very different. While Shawn was known for making heavy weather of cases of villainy, his brother used to solve them in the most ingenious of ways. Sam was, in fact, one of the most reliable and sought-after detectives in the whole of the country. There was just the one mystery that had remained inexplicable in Sam's entire career as a detective, while a single case had been completely deciphered in Shawn's case. Though Sam was the younger of the two, he had a much more mature mind than Shawn.

It was a bright, sunny day when Sam ambled towards the main door of his brother's new dwelling, plodding past an animated crowd. One might have imagined Sam to have built the notion that Shawn had cracked a case or two. Sam, anxiously, knocked at the door and was warmly greeted by his sibling.
"Why is there a massive crowd in front of the door?", Sam asked.
"Oh! I am actually quite famous among people. They apparently relate me with His Majesty Mr.Holmes himself.", was the response.
"That's great! By the way, evidently, your tidily combed hair indicate you've had a recent bath, the redness and fatigue in those eyes indicate excessive television viewing while neatly polished shoes suggest that you plan to go out someplace soon."
"Ah! Very well! The worn-out chapeau on your head shows that its hackneyed, your muddled shoes prove that its a trite pair and your tired eyes indicate that.......probably, you are tired."
"So blatant.....", Sam secerned.
Poor Sam, after travelling all day, had all his hopes shattered too. Added insult to injury, did Shawn, with all his asinine remarks. Sam could now appraise how many cases his brother might have solved, how much of a Sherlock Holmes he had become and how mindless of Sam himself it was in being so sanguine.

As Sam made himself comfortable on the antique couch which mostly had Shawn overly comfortable, perhaps a bit too much, a thought ran through his mind which reminded him why he was in London in the first place. As an obligation towards his elder brother, he said, "I have a case to solve in South London, which is the reason I am here. Would you like to accompany me? We'll leave today evening."
Sam would have hoped for a reply in the negative, but, it was just not his day. Shawn disturbingly agreed, much to the despondency of Sam and his clients. Sam, apparently and very understandably, had little faith in Shawn's crime-solving abilities. As the two brothers left at dusk, Sam took along with him Olanzapine tablets in case his brother had a fit and a colossal cause of distress, courtesy of his very own brother. He had a mystery to solve and from it, his brother to absolve.

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