#8: Quicksilver vs Flash

The fastest superheroes in their respective worlds fight it out with speed and blitz. In the 1996 crossover Flash had made a mockery and quick work (no pun intended) of the Quicksilver, but times have changed and so have many of their abilities.

QuicksilverName : Pietro Maximoff
Affiliation : The Avengers
Background : The twin brother of Wanda Maximoff (better known to us as Scarlet Witch), they are the mutant children of the great Magneto. They initially worked for their father but had always wanted to fight for a good cause. When the Stranger abducted Magneto, they realized that the Avengers were the ones doing the actual good work and joined them to save the Earth.

FlashName: Barry Allen
Affiliation : The Justice League of America
Background : Barry Allen was a forensic scientist in the Police department. One day a lightning storm destroyed his lab by scattering chemicals all over him. He then realized that he had gained superhuman speed with great reflexes. Donning red tights and vest he swore to save the world from criminals by fighting as Flash.


Quicksilver vs Flash

The Mahabharata Katha

Black and White, Good and Bad, Hot and Cold.. all these terms have relative meanings. It varies as the perspective from which the situation is looked at changes. This is why people often tend to disagree with one another, as they see different sides of the coin. A good example of this topic would be the 'Mahabharata'. Now what makes this epic so interesting is its main character... not Arjuna neither Duryodhana but the role which Lord Krishna plays in the battle. While not actually bearing arms and fighting, his strategies and tactics is what actually save the Pandavas' asses.

Oops !! Okay on one occasion he did lose his temper and bear arms...

Coursera - Cryptography I by Dan Boneh

Abhinav Pandey

With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Abhinav has made it big in the world working for Goldman Sachs' Strategies division. A true enthusiast in Machine Learning and Cryptography, he has taken several courses on them and has aced them all. He also plays the guitar and has sung several songs in various competitions.

The Coursera course by Professor Dan Boneh spans over 6 weeks. The course is extremely detailed and enables even a layman to understand the concepts. There is a weekly programming assignment and problem set to evaluate your week's learning.

Coming soon.. Apogee 2013

Young Minds + Technical Events + Guest Lectures + Enthusiasm + Fun & a lot more = Apogee

As I await my first Apogee along with 6000+ registrants here at BITS Pilani, I sizzle with excitement. I’m sure, just like me, each one of them would be more than eager to race remote controlled cars at FTGP, to tremble with the pulse of the stock market, to make hovercrafts and warrior robots, to be wrapped in the excitement of Hackathon and to do a lot more exciting things that a blog post can not sum up.
If all that written above sounds like a lot. Keep calm and ‘Think Again’..

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