Toke by Jugal Mody

Imagine an unsure, confused office going guy who has fallen in love with his colleague; she like most of the Indian stories, initially has no idea who he is. Now suddenly, introduce a plethora of gods, a couple of Japanese kung-fu masters, ganja, hash and scenes from Go, Goa.. Gone.

My take on Toke is that it is a refreshing read and is meant for the newer generation.
Well, there is mention of a multiple number of Gods and vahanas from the Hindu Mythology who are shown to be ganjedis and charsis.  I can't speak for the others but while my parents can still digest the fact that Lord Shiva might smoke up, the idea that one has to smoke up to actually see God would drive them nuts.

Toke by Jugal Mody
"We'll end up demolishing the universe in one go just 'cause one planet got infested by demons.
Like a Windows machine, formatting becomes necessary."

#10: Aquaman vs Namor

It is an undersea battle as the King Of Atlantis Aquaman fights Prince Namor the Sub Mariner, for dominion over the disputed territory.

AquamanName: Arthur Curry / Orin
Affiliation: Justice League of America
Background : As a king of Atlantis and ruler of the undersea territories, Aquaman commands the respect of all sea creatures. Born to the Queen Of Atlantis Atlanna and a mysterious wizard Atlan, he was abandoned in his childhood as his blonde hair was thought of as a curse by the Atlanteans. He grew up with the Dolphins and went back to Atlantis to reclaim his rightful throne. As a king , he had many victories and even aided the Greek God of Seas, Poseidon in taking revenge on a villain Triton.

NamorName : Namor Mackenzie
Affiliation : Avengers, though he has many a times gone against them to protect his own people.
Background : Born to an American seaman and the princess of Atlantis, he has been shown to be good-natured and caring. He not only is the protector of the underwater realms but has also tied up with the Defenders, Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four from time to time to save the lives of countless humans. He is the first mutant to be inducted into the Avengers as no one can predict his power source.


Namor vs Aquaman

My Son Failed By An Inch: Chapter 5

Minutes to Kick-off

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I could not remember one single day that went by without my mind inquiring his progress and my trust in him and the club reassuring he would do fine. At daybreak, I used to sit at the beach on the same bench that brought back memories of Santo. I was sure he would make me and his country proud. Often that never, I used to call the head scout Liusio to hear about his progress and speak to Santo. He has been particularly happy with Santo and was never short of adulation for him. Santo loved the sessions. He was training vigorously and was always prepared to test his weakest muscle. He was never too happy with the tricks in his bag and craved to learn more by the day. He scored many goals for Real Madrid Castilla, the youth team and strived to stay healthy and available for every fixture. This attitude worked wonders for him and soon drew many eyes towards him. As so, he was a hit among the youth squad and it was not too long before he went on to play his first match for the A-team.

Ready for a house cleaning, BCCI ?

As a fan of Indian cricket, I have never felt as hurt, as in the recent past.

Almost everyone in India knows that BCCI is the governing body for all the cricket played within the country.It is, by far, the richest cricket board in the world. It has the authority to select players, umpires and officials to participate in international events and exercises total control over them. Without its recognition, no competitive cricket involving Indian players can be hosted within or outside the country.


But it was only after the recent hue and cry, that I became aware of the fact that BCCI is a "private club consortium."  BCCI had avoided taxes on its income, claiming exemption as a charitable organization. According to the Income Tax Department, BCCI only paid tax amounting to  41.91 crore (US$7.7 million) against its tax liability of  413 crore (US$76 million) in the 2009-10 financial year

The Girl

Anirudh Pathak

Anirudh Pathak

With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Anirudh has landed himself a job in the prestigious Core Division of Goldman Sachs. He is an expert poet and has also been the coordinator of the BITS Pilani Poetry Club. He is credited with organizing the first ever edition of Rap Wars in OASIS 2011.

Sometimes it's hard to let go,
of things minuscule in existence,
they just keep cropping up,
up, up and up again
It's just another poem of just another girl,
and just another boy in this microcosmic world.
Thrown into the same space, she and me,
Similar spaces, But not so similar spaces

What To Look For In An Online Learning Program

John Coyle
John Coyle

John Coyle is an avid freelance writer focusing on topics of technology, innovation, and digital media. His hobbies and interests include photography, cinema, video games, and traveling. This guest post was provided by him on behalf on Drexel Online.

With the rise in popularity of online education programs, the number of people interested in getting their degree online has exponentially increased. Due to the large range of options that are now available in the area of online learning, it is very important that students make the best choice when it comes to programs and courses. When choosing an online degree, it is important to take certain factors into consideration.

Does The Program Fit Your Style of Learning?

First, it is important to note that although online education has its advantages, it may not be for everyone. Learning styles and class interaction vary from the standard classroom set-up. Students interested in online degrees should be comfortable with assessing their learning progress without the typical personal interaction with instructors and other students. However, many universities are able to facilitate class communication via chat rooms and message boards.

The Show Must Go On

I spent the last evening watching Dravid’s Rajasthan Royals battle the Mumbai Indians (I am a fan of Royals and Dravid.) only to be greeted the very next afternoon with the shocking news that three Rajasthan Royals players, including Indian fast bowler Sreesanth, were arrested for their alleged involvement in spot-fixing in the Indian Premier League. It is quite hard to swallow the fact that the match you watched last night involved spot fixing.

Spot Fixing

Many cricket fans in the country would be going through the same feeling that I do. This incident will in fact put suspicion in the viewers’ mind. There will now be cynicism about every match. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will become an analyst raising a finger on every game, every wicket, every six, and every four.
Twitter was flooded with tweets such as this one from

My Son Failed By An Inch: Chapter 4

I present to you, Santo De Souza

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I got a call on the 25th of July, 2013 from Liusio Alamos who told me that Santo insisted I be there as quick as I could. Liusio was a brown, tall man who sounded gratingly harsh. This raucous voice of his painted his demand all the more alarming and I had to find my way to Madrid in a day. I landed at Barajas, as the Madrid airport is commonly known, and worked my way into the parking area and got into an Audi A8 after the driver took his time and tested my patience while going through my credentials. The streets brought back a few fond memories and with them, a gasp of amazement as the picture of Estadio Santiago Bernabeu materialized before my eyes.
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