Sub Conscious Life Hacks

Every man, no matter how hard he works, eventually takes shortcuts to meet his goal. Whether it be by pushing it on to his subordinates or by 'Googling' his problems, the emphasis of smart work over hard work and dearth of time has severely changed the everyday man's philosophy. These shortcuts or life hacks are now ingrained and no matter how hard we try, we subconsciously do deploy them to make our lives easier.

DISCLAIMER  - None of these tips have been discovered or invented by me.

1. Bouncing Batteries - How do you know if the batteries are still functional? Simple, just bounce them on the floor to check if they still have juice in them, if they do, they won't bounce very high while the discharged ones are virtually heavy ping-pong balls. While this was initially thought of as a myth, the scientific reason behind this is quite interesting - as alkaline batteries discharge, the chemistry inside changes and produces Hydrogen gas, creating pressure and making it easier for the battery to bounce and topple. Sadly, it only works in the alkaline ones, so the ones throwing their Li-ion ones are clearly wasting their time.

Bouncing Battery Test

2. The Glass Alarm  - Ever wanted to wake up early in the morning, but still half sure that you would sleep through the melodious tunes? The Glass Alarm is a subconscious life hack mostly used by the employed crowd to appease their bosses or the student crowd with lot of homework to complete. The constructive interference of the sound waves actually amplifies the decibels through a smaller opening, making sure that you fall out of bed due to the sudden noise

Phone in Cup - Alarm

3. Salami Sandwich - I hate it when the round salamis don't spread evenly over the square bread, causing one part to be extra meaty while the other is the plain crust. Fold the salamis neatly through the diameter and then cover the edges... the result? An evenly meaty salami sandwich with some overlaps to keep your taste buds tingling.

Salami Sandwich Guide

4. Rolling Toothpaste  - While this is not a life hack, more of an everyday practice, the habit of rolling up the toothpaste from the bottom to save time and utilise the most, dates back a long time. The tube remains fresh and the wastage is significantly reduced leading to happy and hygienic teeth (though it works with practically every tube).

Rolling Toothpaste

5. Luggage Tape - This life hack is very effective at airports and bus depots where the array of suitcases at the baggage claim literally drives you nuts. So a simple trick, passed down by mothers and grandmothers often does the job - Tie a bright colored handkerchief or ribbon to your luggage to distinguish it from the others. Not only with these colours attract you to your luggage, it also prevents others from taking your luggage by mistake.

Luggage Tape

Believe it or not, these simple tricks can actually save a huge amount of time and increase the everyday efficiency. It is just elementary my dear Watson !!

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