#17 Catwoman vs Black Cat

The feline forces of the comic universes, Black Cat representing Marvel and Catwoman representing DC take on each other for a fight to glory and death. With each having nine lives and cat like agility, the fight boils down to speed and accuracy.

CatwomanName : Selina Kyle
Affiliation : Justice League, The Batman Family
Background :  Surviving as a petty thief in the East End of Gotham city after her mother committed suicide and her father drank himself to death, Selina Kyle was inspired by Batman. Fighting to survive in the small world, she chose a cat as her aspiration and donned capes and claws to terrorise the villains of the East End. Having a love-hate relationship with Batman, she has always been portrayed as an anti-heroine with her own moral code. Despite her villainous nature, she works hard to protect the East End of Gotham City.

Black CatName : Felicia Hardy
Affiliation : Avengers, Heroes For Hire
Background : Having a burglar father can have its perks, Felicia Hardy had initially mastered multiple martial arts in order to save her father from the prison but later fell in love with Spiderman and changed her ways to be a superhero.


Catwoman vs Black Cat

Skill :

Catwoman attacks with her wide variety of gadgets -

  • Caltrops - Anti-personnel traps which are highly effective in luring and injuring foes.
  • Bolas - Used by the Incan army in their reign, these are interconnected ropes with heavy weights at their ends; aimed to trip opponents or at least disbalance them.
  • Retractable Claws - Made of strong steel and fitted in her gloves and boots, they can cut through tin roofs and car doors easily while still remaining extremely sharp. Catwoman uses pressure switches to trigger them.
  • Bullwhip - A 12 feet long, black, braided leather whip which she uses to prowl from rooftop to rooftop or strike fear into the hearts if her enemies.
Black Cat

Black Cat on the other hand counters with 
  • Grappling Hook which she uses for climbing and scaling walls.
  • Steel micro-filament claws at the top of her white gloves which can slice through virtually anything.

Despite having similar styles and similar lifestyles, Catwoman has a slight edge over the Black cat with her extra and superior gadgets. Though Felicia is a skilled martial artist and an olympic level gymnast, Selina edges over her by a whisker <no pun intended> to take this round.

Catwoman - 85/100
Black Cat - 80/100

Intellect :

Both the characters are burglars and just like cats, they are extremely cunning. They are crafty and often devise impromptu backup plans which thwarts the enemies and gets the job done. They are sly and sneaky, often masking their true emotions to influence or trick others.

However, like every story, love often changes the game. Black Cat's affection for Spiderman often causes her to take irrational decisions in order to protect him. She has more than once risked her life to save his. This is not the case with Catwoman, whose relationship with Batman has little or no effect; instead she relies on her moral code to make her decisions.


Living and growing up on the street has also strengthened Selina, while the rich and luxurious atmosphere that Felicia received was often a hindrance to her adapting to newer scenarios. Catwoman wins this round with her planned and thought out attack plans.

Catwoman  -75/100
Black Cat - 70/100

Armour :

Black Cat's costume includes micro-servos that gives her peak human strength which enables her to lift approximately 800 lbs. The suit also enables her superhuman speed, which allows her to sprint at the maximum speed of about 40 miles per hour. Her earrings are wired to help increase her balance and agility. Although she has excellent vision, she wears contacts that allow her to see ultraviolet and infrared lighting.When not using her grappling hook, she uses her motorbike to travel from one place to another.

Catwoman on the other hand has goggles, enabling her to see in the dark using infrared radiation. Her body hugging costume is specially elastic allowing her to do some fantastic athletic stunts without any wear or tear. She generally prowls from roof to roof but on occasion also uses her motorcycle which is nicknamed the 'Cat-Illac'.

Both their costumes are made to make them look extra seductive so that they can enchant their attackers with their luscious behaviour. They often land stealthy blows because their attackers are not looking at the right place at the right time. Though the round is close, Black Cat's enhanced suit takes the cake over Catwoman's costume.

Catwoman - 60/100
Black Cat - 65/100

Specials :

Though Black Cat had powers for a brief time, these were later taken away by the Chameleon. Hence for this battle, both Catwoman and Black Cat are considered as human beings with extraordinary talent but no effective super-powers.

Catwoman - 0/100
Black Cat - 0/100


Catwoman - 220/400
Black Cat - 215/400


Catwoman proves to the Marvel Universe that she is the superior feline femme fatale with her deadly claws and calm but sharp mind.

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