The Ostracized Lady

In the mirthful Mahabharata,you surely must have explicated,
The despoiled Draupadi with her five consorts,
Had an odious outing, a demoralizing one indeed!
Oh! Poor woman! A tribulation of sorts!

"What's not alluded to in Mahabharata,you can never find in Bharata."

So veracious yet so vexatious,
Is this a democracy where the weaker sex is exploited?
Don't let her suffer! We ought to be dissentious!

Right from her genesis, she is given an unjust treatment,
While the netas and the babus keep driving the mob against equality,
Oh! What a shame! The tender arms and the delicate girth,
Now a bane not a boon! Absurdity and amorality!

Some sordid and shabby incidents we hear about,
Results in one's heart full of fury.
Do we just bear it all in convalescence,
Or make the malefactors pay? We be the jury!

We be a source of strength to ourselves,
Not letting the evil monopolize the good,
She is inarguably the origin of beatitude and contentment in our lives.
After all,how can one have a pleasant childhood bereft of a loving motherhood?

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