CLT20 2013-Who's winning it?

The Champion's League T20 being held this year features top domestic teams from India and other cricketing nations. This series, consisting of squads which stood first in the domestic league tournaments in their respective nations, promises intense competition among the teams and as a result, a lot of excitement and drama.                  
Champions League T20
With the qualifying round of the tournament already done with, the stage is set to get only bigger and better. Moreover, given the fact that four IPL teams are contesting in the main draw, stadiums are expected to be jam-packed and TV viewership is envisaged to be large. Although the Chennai Super Kings with the Debonair Dhoni as their captain are the favourites to win the cup, other teams aren't far behind by any means. For instance, the Otago Volts from New Zealand, for whom qualifying into the main draw was duck soup indeed, have a winning streak of 13 matches right now and the way they're playing, it hardly seems it's ever going to end! It would come as no surprise if the Volts go on to clinch the title. Also, the other three IPL teams, especially the 2013 IPL winners, the Mumbai Indians, would be fancying their chances to lift the trophy. Not very far behind are the teams from South Africa, the Lions and the Titans. The Lions, who finished second in the CLT20 last year, would be hoping to go one step further this time around and win the championship. The Australian teams too, though both of them playing the CLT20 for the first time, would be wishing to repeat their ancestors' feat. The Carribean team, Trinidad and Tobago, which ended up runners-up in the 2009 season, would definitely leave no stone unturned in the attempt to win its maiden CLT20 title.

Champions League T20

Apparently,the CLT20 2013 has in store for the spectators - massive entertainment and unending suspense. People appear to believe that any of the 10 competing teams can end up victorious. Honestly,anybody can win!
Sydney Sixers - Champion 2012

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