#14 Hawk and Dove vs Iron Fist and Luke Cage

Hawk and Dove, Justice League's militant and pacifist superhero team take on Avengers members Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Hawk and DoveName: Henry Hall and Donald Hall
Affiliated To: The Justice League
Background: Hank (Henry) and Don (Donald) are brothers who represent contrasting ideologies and transform themselves to superheroes by speaking their aliases - Hawk and Dove respectively. By the power given to them by the Lord Of Chaos and Order, the Dove is a symbol of non-violence who seeks to resolve matters peacefully while the Hawk is more aggressive and uses his brute strength to beat super-villains.

Luke Cage and Iron Fist
Name: Carl Lucas and Daniel Rand K'ai
Affiliated To: Heroes For Hire, Avengers
Background:  In jail for a crime he didn't commit, Carl Lucas underwent an experimental surgery in exchange for parole which gave him steel skin and enhanced muscles. When a crime lord captured Cage's associates, he formed a team with the Iron Fist and took down the crime ring. Calling themselves Heroes For Hire they are mercenaries who pledge to do the right thing.


Hawk and Dove vs Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Skill :

Hawk gains his powers from God of Chaos while Dove gets his from the God of Order. In the presence of true danger, the brothers can say their aliases and be changed to their superhero forms. Hawk develops razor sharp claws along with superhuman strength and stamina while Dove gains superhuman speed and equilibrium. Hawk and Dove are skilled in various forms of basic hand-to-hand combat maneuvers.

On the other hand, Luke Cage is an exceptional street fighter and under the guidance of his friend Iron Fist, has learnt a few martial arts moves to gain the upper hand when fighting against enemies. His strength knows no bounds and has been superficially increased via experiments done on him. Daniel Rand, his friend, is a master of all of K'un-Lun's martial arts, trained in the use of virtually all martial arts weapons. He owns the mystical 'Book of Iron Fist' which after studying iterates some of the most sought out martial techniques essential to expand one's skills and knowledge. As Iron Fist, he is also able to focus his chi to increase his strength, speed and durability.

While Hawk and Dove do seem like a force to be reckoned with, their powers are no match for the toughness of Luke Cage and martial arts master Iron Fist.

Hawk and Dove - 55/100
Iron Fist and Luke Cage - 75/100

Intellect :

Hawk's inability to control his rage is a major disadvantage for the Justice League. While it does give him extra power , it often causes more bad than good. Dove is always able to control his temper but is not always successful in moulding Hawk's to a safe limit. Later in the comics, after Dove's death, Hawk also loses his mental stability and transforms into evil tyrants Monarch and Extant. Dove being a messenger of peace is adept at reading people's minds and objects in a situation, within seconds, and know how they will act and react.

While Luke Cage doesn't have temper issues, the fact that he always jumps into fights using brute force techniques leads him to get ambushed. As the leader of Heroes For Hire, he never was successful at completing most of the missions as he is not a killing machine and often lets his heart take decisions.

This round is a definite tie as no team shows more self control than the other.

Hawk and Dove - 55/100
Iron Fist and Luke Cage  - 55/100

Hawk and Dove

Armour :

Hawk and Dove's suit come as a package and is normally irremovable on Earth. The suit has healing capabilities and can sustain extreme conditions and wear and tear. In addition to being extremely durable the costume greatly lessens any and all damage the wearer takes.

While the DC superheroes fight suited up, Luke Cage doesn't need an armour. His body has extremely dense muscle and skin tissue which render him highly resistant to physical injuries. He can withstand conventional handgun fire at a range of four feet and cannot be cut by the sharpest of blades. Clad in the ceremonial garb of Iron Fist, Daniel Rand K'ai has a tattoo of the fire serpent Shou Lao, whom he had defeated in order to gain the power of Iron Fist. The suit gives him the right amount of air drag for him to perform martial arts stunts.

Iron Fist and Power Man are better capable at defending themselves due to their strong armour and protection. They win this round with ease.

Hawk and Dove - 60/100
Iron Fist and Luke Cage - 75/100

Special :

Hawk and Dove possess the ability of flight; while they are not as pronounced as Superman's, they were initially only able to glide but now are masters of flight. In addition to this, Dove has superhuman agility which enables him to always land on his feet even when he is knocked over. He is able to dodge punches, bullets and missiles with ease. Hawk gains superhuman endurance and his body density is heightened making him almost invulnerable.

Along with superhuman strength and durability, Luke Cage's major plus point is the hard steel like skin which can only be pierced by adamantium weapons. Along with this he can recover faster than normal, though it is hard to operate on him due to his hard skin. Iron Fist is a master manipulator of chi and can produce deadly blows by summoning it and focussing it on his hand. He can also use his chi to heal himself and absorb energy radiations.

Iron Fist and Luke Cage win this round too, owing to their superior offensive and defensive specials.

Hawk and Dove - 65/100
Iron Fist and Luke Cage - 75/100

Luke Cage and Iron Fist


Hawk and Dove - 235/400
Iron Fist and Luke Cage - 280/400

Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Iron Fist and Luke Cage demolish the DC superheroes. Not only were they outmatched in the defensive skills but struggled to match up to the superior strength of Luke Cage and the Iron Fist punches of Daniel Rand K'ai.

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