QuirkyAlone day: Celebration of freedom and individuality

For the past few years 14th of February had been a boring #foreveralone day in my life. But February 14th, 2013 changed things forever. This is when I discovered, how to celebrate a Quirkyalone day.

Background: A few days back, me and a bunch of friends, played this game, where one had to make a choice between two, which was followed by a group discussion on the same. We started off with petite ones like “Sunny Leone or Aishwarya Rai”, “Beauty or brain”, “Money or Fame”; the game took a whole new turn with my question “Two buddies or a girlfriend”, followed by debate and ended when one of us called his girl and on loudspeaker justified why he chose two buddies. The discussion had ended but we weren't satisfied, still unsure of our choice.

Beginning: 13th Night, came this idea of doing a 100kms on cycle on 14th February. We asked other friends, who loathed the whole idea. Three of us however, stuck to it. No, our self-confidence wasn’t really high, nor were we high; but we thought let’s give it a try.

Rest as they say, is history....
Words are too less to describe what we discovered.

When we were back, 47kms back and forth. We had not only gone past the morning fog, the afternoon sun, the dark night; we had also gone past our own fears. Self-confidence had reached cloud nine. A few promises were made to ourselves.

More than all this we had discovered something, something magical. Something so delightful, a 1000 words or a 100 clicks cannot sum it up for us.
So take some time out, from your busy lives, let go of those clingy emotions and break free. Fly like Icarus, towards an eternal sunshine.

For those who get it a belated “Happy QuirkyAlone Day”, for the rest “Happy flowers at insane prices day.”

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