An Open Letter To Zuckerberg

Dear Mark Zuckerberg ,

Namaste! from one of your one billion users. Before I begin, I beg you to shudder of all presumptions. This ain't a regular bitchy open letter. I thumbs-up ‘like’ you Mr. Zuckerberg. What you've achieved inspires me.

Now to begin with, I've thought about writing you letters in the past, but next I’ve found myself ‘busy’ with Facebook Thanks to you I’m not only ‘friends’ with my friends (read: friends= real friends, not Facebook friends, who often spam me with their links), but also with people whom I merely know, whom I have no intentions of being friends with. I should un-friend them, you might say, but I don’t do the ‘un-friend’ thingy because I need them, to like my Facebook pages, to send them links of my blog posts (you dare call that spamming! Just some shameless blog promotion ). was once all about sharing. But Oh wait! Now I can’t share this post with my friends on Facebook else the ‘friends’, whom I have no intentions of being friends with, might come to know that I have no intentions of being friends. But then Mr. Zuckerberg you provided us with a hell lot of privacy settings, with a number of checkboxes to check who can see this post and who can’t. I’d prefer not sharing to all that.

So I log onto Facebook one fine day, hoping to know what’s going on with people I care about. I have a few notifications, some of them asking me to like their pic, like their status and what not. Likes become ego issues; sanity goes to the back seat, and you end up spending hours on this addictive site. People fail to realize there are many, many more things on the internet worth seeing rather than stalking around that chick’s profile who doesn't even care about you, your display picture (you spent hours to select that pic), your sly, witty  status.

Somewhere in ‘The Social Network’; your character says Facebook is like a party where you meet your friends and all, doesn't it? But does everyone hear what you say in a conversation. Does a party go on forever?

You might go ahead and say if that were the case I have a deactivate option or a delete account option. Yes, I surely do.

But oh Facebook! Don’t worry I won’t. I need you, Facebook. You are a necessity whether I like it or not. But we must talk about our future relationship, sometime. And now I’m off to sharing this post on Facebook J

Wishing you a happy ninth birthday Facebook :)

Yours truly,

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