Towards a better Diwali !

Festivals,they say are about joy,happiness and similar shit. How I wish they were true..

So, I'm back home for Diwali (if anyone cares) and the other day was planning to catch up with one of my chaddi buddies. "R u in town?" I text-ed him. "Abhi mushkil hai. Mum-Dad fight. Badi mushkil se silent kiya hai". Today morning even my "home-sweet-home" became witness to a similar fight. Not that fights didn't happen earlier, but I kept myself distracted with JEE preparations. Now that I'm jobless , I can't help but think about why our senior generations fight so much ?

Compare home with Hostel life.There weren't such bicker-backers. Yes, we do consistently abuse each other, but all that's not from the heart! Why we, Junior generation have to play the sensible middlemen when senior generations fight? I've no clue about the answers, for I'm no philosopher or psychiatrist. I'm just a blogger-cum-Engineering student. And like any ideal engineering student ,I can at least optimize the problem.

When I entered my college days.I had a lot of negativity inside me. About not getting into the IITs. About my "never heard of" M.Sc (tech) course .About not having a girlfriend. And then there was LITE.

LITE ,the magical word. Missed a tutorial test? Lite! Below Average scores? Lite! Another girl rejected you? Umm...let's not get there :) Anyways,the point is LITE does not solve problems . Even after meeting LITE I was down for a week when the girl I really liked rejected me. I missed classes, fought with best friend, cried on my bed. Still, a week letter ,you could find me back, hugging my best friend (heterosexually). 

Going back to the problem. Why doesn't our senior generation take LITE? Perhaps, a clue to the answer lies in the TV serials we watch. While we spend our time watching Chuck Lorre's Big Bang theory or FRIENDS while they have Ekta Kapoor's emotional melodrama as an integral part of their staple diet.

So guys and girls , let's all pledge, 20 years from now, when we turn into senior generations we wouldn't bicker backer. We'd take LITE and live life Chuck Lorre style ! Then and only then festivals would have that eternal happiness shit. Leaving you with this happy song ... Happy Diwali ! 

PS: Coca Cola didn't pay me for that :D


  1. I be mute to my partner.
    i don't know but i have such feelings.

  2. This is the quality of an engineering college student, that (s)he can take a cursory idea of the problem by just take a first look over it. Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan produces students like this.

  3. @Aabhas Sokka .I'm not sure if that's a criticism or a complement ,but anyways thanks for reading ! :)


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