Indian Avengers

After so many posts illustrating 'The Justice League vs Avengers', my friends talked me into discussing what would happen if there was an Indian version of Avengers made...

So who would be the members?? My guesses are -

G-OneG-One (Jeevan meaning life) - Shah Rukh Khan almost sealed the deal by copying almost all body parts of Tony Stark when he acted in the blockbuster Ra-One. He has a fake and detachable heart, can shoot laser bolts and has cyborg like strength ( He destroys the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, as if Kasab and his friends hadn't done enough).

KrrishKrrish - Superhuman body reflexes, strength, stamina... this reaks of Captain America. Krrish is played by Hrithik Roshan, who inherited some powers from his father ( His father was in turn given powers by an E.T. named Jaadoo ). Krrish is also said ( and seen in movies ) to have a huge leaping capability, maybe equivalent to the Hulk. Wikipedia says he can cross 1/8th of a mile in a single jump.

HanumanHanuman - The Indian Mythology 'Thor'. He is one of the few who cannot be affected by the spells of Shani (the others are Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva) and hence, is worshipped by Hindus to get rid /  win over demons and other powerful negative energies. He carries a large mace - 'Gada' which he wields to destroy his foes ( similar to the Mjollnir , the Gada is also a weapon which causes blunt force trauma ).

SCDSuper Commando Dhruva - Dhruva was born to a trapeze couple in a circus. Growing up among animals in the circus, Dhruva has the ability to communicate with a variey of creatures. He is said to be a master strategist and tactician. All in all he is the prefect Indian Batman ( parents killed at young age, doesn't possess superpowers, uses ropes and lassos to reach places, has a special bike, vows not to kill any being).

Nagraj (Nag- snakes Raj - king, essentially the 'King Of Snakes') - Being poisoned while still in his mother's womb, Nagraj was considered to be stillborn, but was cured by the blessings of Deva Kaljayi (the snake deity). He has snakes instead of white blood cells in his body which can be ordered to come out and attack enemies or serve as ropes, lassos, webs... The poison instead of killing him has made him human snake who can shed skin and spit poison. His huge fan base in India is a reflection of the popularity of his comics.

Shakti - A superhero team is never complete without a girl and if she shoots fire it is a double trouble for the villains. Meet Shakti (Chanda) , she is an ordinary housewife whose body is used by Goddess Kali (uses her terrible fury to destroy demons) to deliver justice. Shakti has a third eye which is a mark of Goddess Kali, It opens when she is angry to burn the villains. She can also sense the cries of atrocities against women at which point she streaks through at the speed of light.


PS - Raj Comics already has a 'Justice League' type superhero team which is named 'Brahmand Rakshak' (Protectors of the Universe).

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