Delhi Comicon 2014

Comicons are a way of life; it is this place where thousands of comic book aficionados come together discussing about various comic issues, shop merchandise to decorate their homes with supremely geeky stuff and have a great time. The Delhi Comicon, which I was finally able to attend after procrastinating for 4 years, was teeming with fans as early as 11 am. Not only did this event house DC and Marvel comic heroes but also paved the way for Raj Comics, Comixology, Fanfare, Garbage Bin and Tinkle Enthusiasts.

Delhi Comicon Collage
Photo Credits - Rohit Lathkar

Tickets were priced extremely cheap, starting at only Rs.100/- , which ensured a large turnout throughout the three days. With two huge sections, the convention's most coveted stall was definitely that of the American Cartoonist Charles Schulz the creator of Peanuts. Titled "Inside Peanuts", a whole area near the stage was devoted to the life of Charles and Peanuts over the years.

Iron Man Life Size Delhi Comicon
Photo Credits - Rohit Lathkar

The cosplay competition was another major event in this 2014 edition. Though many people decided to dress up as the biggest villain from the town of badassery - The Joker, there were others who went for simpler yet awesome designs - Bellatrix and Moody, Deathstroke, zombies from The Walking Dead. Promoted by the Japanese cosplayers, Miya and Kotori, these specialised artists were flown in specially for the event. At the end of each day, there was a cosplay competition and the winner won a grand ticket to the New York Comicon.

Bellatrix and Moody Cosplay Delhi ComiconBoy from Grudge Delhi Comicon

Other than these, there were more than 100 stalls all around; while some were catering to the food like Fat Lulu, the others sold TV and comic merchandise. Wands and broomsticks from Harry Potter, the ring from Lord Of The Rings and Jon Snow's sword from the Game Of Thrones were some of the few items which left the fans awestruck. To see these things in real-life is actually more exciting as one reminiscences the scenes and actions from the reel life.

Harry Potter Wands Delhi Comicon
Photo Credits - Rohit Lathkar

Lord Of The Rings Delhi Comicon
Photo Credits - Rohit Lathkar

The Comicon also saw the launch of several new series like the Orange Radius Entertainment's Parshu series and Holy Cow Entertainment's Aghori series. With writers like Mark Waid and David Lloyd making appearances, the comicon has become a huge marketing place for budding comic book entrepreneurs.

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