Protest Against Smelly Stubble (P.A.S.S.)

If you ask me to list out some of the problems which are nation's top priorities, Corruption, Rape and Rising Prices Of The Common Indian Food will definitely be my guess but Smelly Stubble; naah not so much. Well, you may argue that I am not a woman or that I do not have the capacity to grow hair like those of the sadhu babas but surely that doesn't mean that it calls for a movement against stubble grown by men.

For those of you who are still unaware, Gillette has started a movement - Protest Against Smelly Stubble to arrest the growing trend. They have brainwashed doctors, Bollywood and Tollywood actors and actresses to drive forward this propoganda and hope it will catch onto the local people too. They hold conferences and meetings in major cities where the actresses cite various stupid reasons to not let their men grow a stubble and then force their supporting male counterparts to shave on the set.

Protest Against Smelly Stubble

Recently, Neha Dhupia made a comment about how she would not date a man with a stubble. She says that if a guy could not take care of himself, he could not take care of her as well. Other actresses like Aditi Rao and Charmee Kaur have also cited similar reasons to force the new generation men to shave everyday. They say that if women can spend hours grooming themselves then why can't men shave for 10 minutes a day. While this seems like a valid point, there is a huge difference : Women paint their nails, use branded accessories and talk and shop about them for eternity because they like doing it. We, on the other hand have no inclination to hold up the razors and maintain a clean shaven look; it is a huge pain and shaving day before office is highly dreaded, as we fear we might just have the bad luck of cutting ourselves. For us, grooming ourselves falls right at the bottom along with "Taking out the trash" and "Cleaning our rooms", which are way below "Playing Xbox" and "Drinking Beer", the things we generally do. If you still do not believe me, take a look at the closest men's hostel near your locality; you might happen to find guys who haven't taken a bath for months or those who are just too lazy to shave their overgrown foliage. It is not something to be proud of, but it is the way we are.

Also, have you ever heard men complain about or criticize women? Even when a woman wears a hideously bad dress and sweetly asks " How do I look honey? ", do you even think that is a question. We are forced to say yes and give in to meaningless hours of shopping stuff, running from one mall to the other, carrying bags on one hand and credit card on the other. While we don't mind women looking beautiful, the hole, the products leave in our wallets is just too big to compensate. But we accept it, as it was how universe was designed.

After taking everything into consideration, Gillette - You shall not P.A.S.S.

Gandalf You Shall Not P.A.S.S. (Protest Against Smelly Stubble)

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