Republic Day

So, two more days to another Republic Day. The same Republic Day Parade. Most people sitting back at home and watching Chak De India or Border. A vague sense of patriotism, followed by cynicism hitting us. What's new?

One might argue how things seem to have changed in the past few years. We have awakened, held mass protests and are slowly moving towards India 2.0

We Indians really love to talk. Every now and then when something happens, we start off by talking that no one is talking about this, and then when everyone's talking about something, we talk about how every one is talking about this and not that, and so on and so forth we continue our never ending train of talks.

Parliaments; which are actually meant for talking about new ideas and laws, do not however witness the talks. Since 2009 one in every five bills has been passed with discussions of less than five minutes. Most of the times in sessions are lost in disruptive behavior of our beloved lawmakers

While the lawmakers do not discuss or talk, there are others who go on for ever. Twitter, is full of noises, twitterites reeking of Online Activism.But online activism is useless if it doesn't lead to real world action.

One might sight examples from the anti-rape protests and the anti-corruption protests claiming we Indians don't just talk, we believe in actions. But have the protests led us anywhere? We still hope to see that one fine morning when we would have a Lokpal or when there won't be any rapes and molestations. So are public demonstrations useless? Perhaps yes.

Why Public Demonstration Is a Useless Form of Activism 
-Protests and Demonstrations are by definition a display of angry, impatient voices meant to draw attention and serve no fundamental purpose. Rationality is thus lost and so are the chances of  positive political or philosophical enlightenment.

So protest won't do any good. And neither would our so-called lawmakers. So who might?

Some of our optimists souls would point towards the fourth pillar of democracy. 'Media.' The recent past has shown us,just a little glimpse of what media 'can' do. It reeks of immense power. But as they say "With Great Power comes great responsibility." A responsibility to help the truth prevail. A responsibility to rise above TRPs. And a responsibility to prevent India from being a parody account of Democracy!

With that hope wishing you all happy; a very happy holiday Republic Day.

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