Let Me Live Some More

Sushma Sharma

Sushma Sharma is a graduate from BITS Pilani. She presently works in Ernst and Young and loves drawing cartoons and writing poems. A fun-loving character, she is deeply intrigued by the mysteries of life, her recent favourite being 'The need of X-factor in life'.

Let me live it long, let me live it loud..
So that even if I die I make someone proud..

Please give a sip of life more, or just spillings of the bowl...
So that when I become air, I touch their soul..

I just need another blink, let me feel sun rays.
Whole life I have counted in just hours and days...

I beg few drops of water..I have never thanked them..
They filled so many glasses and fed every stem..

Let my nose smell it again, its my last dish..
could thank mum, I wish..

I want to walk a few steps away from my bed..
Or what will I answer to those waiting for me ahead..

I can't do anything, I can't move on..
I have to wait till I am again born..

But please let my hand move to and fro again..
to say a last bye before the blood stops in my vein..

A smile on my face can reflect another from front..
let me smile for a while..

give me a last word of love, my last reply..
God! give me some things before I die

My last wishes are dying with me, every leaf is crying with me..
Look at the cruelty of the racing time,

I would no be here when you will read this rhyme..
Remember me or my words sometimes..

So that I can live somewhere in these lines....
Holy mother, I sleep peacefully now! 


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