#1: Hawkeye vs Green Arrow

I am so excited for this first match up between DC Comics "Justice League" vs Marvel Comics "The Avengers". Today the two archer heroes face off against each other to prove their mettle.

Name: Clint Barton
Affiliated To: The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Founding member of West Coast Avengers
Background: Orphaned at a young early age, he was raised in a circus where he learnt archery. He later fell out and joined Black Widow who seduced him to help her take down Iron Man. Later he came to senses and then joined the Avengers vowing to rid the world of evil.
Spouse : Mockingbird

Name: Oliver Queen
Affiliated To : The Justice League
Background: Oliver Queen is a wealthy, playboy, philanthropist much like Batman and Iron-Man. He became the archer when he was left stranded on an island after his ship sank and had nothing to defend himself except a bow. He practiced his archery on animals and later took out a gang of smugglers in the island which made him believe that he could put his skills to better use by saving the world from bad villains.
Spouse : Black Canary


Skill :

The Hawkeye comes to the battlefield with his tiny foldable bow and arrows such as
§  Acid Arrows
§  Boomerang Arrowhead (allows an arrow to return to shooter)
§  Cable Arrow (allowing him to swing through the air)
§  Blast (Explosive) Arrow
§  Flare Arrow
§  Pym Particles Arrow (increases or decreases the size of an object or opponent)
§  Smoke Arrow
§  Sonic Arrow
§  Vibranium Arrow (deadens kinetic and vibratory energies)

The Green Arrow shoots back with
§  Acid Arrow (contains a vial of highly corrosive acid which is released on impact)
§  Atomic Warhead Arrow (contains an extremely miniaturized atomic warhead)
§  Boomerang Arrow
§  Boxing Glove Arrow
§  Buzzsaw Arrow
§  Cryonic (Freezing) Arrow
§  Diamond Tipped Arrow
§  Drill Arrow (tipped with a motorized drill-bit)
§  Explosive Arrow (contains a simple compact explosive charge)
§  EMP arrow
§  Flash Arrow
§  Grappling Hook Arrow
§  Handcuffs Arrow (tipped with a pair of handcuffs that close around a wrist)
§  Harpoon Arrow
§  Kryptonite Arrow
§  Laritat Arrow
§  Rope Arrow
§  Smokescreen Arrow (releases a stream of harmless obscuring smoke)
§  Greek Fire Arrow

The main difference is that the marksmanship of the Green Arrow along with his wider range of arrows is far superior to Hawkeye, but the fine and precise modern bow with laser pointer which Hawkeye uses tips the scales in his favor. To add to that Hawkeye has often demonstrated that he can fire a dead accurate volley to rain down misery upon his foes.

In hand to hand combat Hawkeye owns Green Arrow. Though the Green Arrow knows variety of martial arts like Judo, Karate and Kickboxing, the Hawkeye has received intense training from the great Captain America himself and plus is proficient in using the Katana and other Melee weapons.

Hawkeye : 80/100
Green Arrow : 70/100

The edge in this round goes to Hawkeye.

Intellect :

Both have proven themselves to be good leaders with sound strategies, but Hawkeye’s inability to stay calm and easily be seduced by power and women give him a disadvantage.

Hawkeye : 70/100
Green Arrow : 85/100

The edge in this round goes to Green Arrow.


The Green Arrow emulates himself as ‘Robin Hood’ and so to maintain his speed and agility, wears only a green cape as his protection. He often is very stealthy and takes out unsuspecting enemies in a jiffy. He travels in a custom made Husqvarna SM610 with specially made tires forks and headlights.

The Hawkeye on the other hand fights on a battlefield like a soldier. With moderate armor of scales and in the recent movie a Shield uniform he likes to pack a punch by staying in the dead center of the battlefield. Hawkeye travels in the ‘Sky-Cycle’. The Sky-Cycle is modeled after a commercial snowmobile and is fitted with anti-gravitational technology. It is voice operated and has an auto-pilot steering system.

Hawkeye : 85/100
Green Arrow : 70/100

The edge in this round goes to Hawkeye.

Specials :

As they are human superheroes they are unable to have any special powers.

The round is declared a tie.


Hawkeye: 235/300
Green Arrow: 225/300

Hawkeye scrapes a victory and Green Arrow faces his defeat. A very even tie up with both the arrow wielding heroes bringing it very close, but at the end Hawkeye’s superior armor and his advantage in hand to hand combat led to his victory.

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