Some of The Most Innovative TV Theories

Watching English TV Serials have become less of a pastime and more of an addiction. I have been gobbling up sitcoms and series in these four years of college like there is no tomorrow. Recently I had a deep conversation with my friend Joyneel Acharya regarding this topic. Instead of being the total nonsense entertainment that its Hindi counterpart provides the English ones give some interesting theories -

1. How I Met Your Mother : The Hot-Crazy Scale -

Hot-Crazy Scale

"A person is allowed to be crazy, as long as they are equally hot". We want to be dating people who are way above the diagonal line which is also called the Vicky Mendoza (some girl that Barney dated) line. There is also a small curve at the end of the crazy scale which is named after Shelley Gallebsy (another girl that Barney dated). In short, date a crazy person if they are at least crazily-hot !! While it is very hard to quantify the scale, programmers are trying to do research to actually develop this app.

2. Modern Family : Phil's-sophy -

A book written by a father to a daughter when she moves out of home and to the college hostel. The episode  really brings out the best of Phil Dunphy, one of my favourite characters in the show. The book is full of quotes which deal out life lessons and are funny at the same time. There is also a hardbound version of this available in the market.


3. Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia : D.E.N.N.I.S. System -

A male-chauvinistic theory for seducing women, Dennis Reynolds claims that it has always worked for him. He claims that the method is foolproof and if done successfully will enable a man to gain a woman's undying devotion. Though some of the methods are highly questionable, this method does tickle your funny bone.

D.E.N.N.I.S. System

The first step is to "Demonstrate your Value" to the girl, show her the ways in which you can help her out. Then we "Engage Physically" which surely doesn't need any explanation. At this point, the woman you are dating has already begun depending on you. Take care of her and "Nurture" this bond. Then "Neglect her emotionally" so that she doesn't take you for granted and understands your value in her life. She will go literally crazy without you so this is the time to "Inspire some hope" and letting her know that you are always there for her. Then "Separate Entirely".

While I hunt for some more interesting TV theories do share the ones you liked across different TV Shows in the comments section below.


  1. enjoyed the post..barney's got the bro code as well with rules like "bro's before ho's" :D

    1. Yes, got some other ideas from friends too. Maybe tere'll be a part 2 to this ;)

  2. Nice post Soumabha !!
    Where have you been for a week u were not on Indi ?

    1. Yeah, new job and new house, got some adjustment to do.


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