Go Goa Gone

Is the BJP critically in its “worst ever catastrophe” - to quote orgasmic television reporters, anchors and studio guests?

LK Advani “had” both the wisdom and the kindness to realize that when the BJP came to power earlier, Atal Bihari Vajpayee would be a more uniting factor than he himself was. Thoughtfully, Mr. Advani stood aside.

Now years later he realises Mr. Modi is not a Vajpayee and stands worried. He senses that the Modi juggernaut is  pre-emptive politics and it might damage the party. Mr. Advani stands as a man who faces the irony that his swansong may be an act of tempered refusal. 

 Advani knows that on a national front Modi may not be the force he is projected to be, and in the Gujarat Chief Minister's case he has earned a reputation that precedes him, and could well damage ties and alliances even before they are formed. Mr. Modi might completely shatter a party in crisis instead of being a force propelling the BJP into the future."
It is not just about the internal collisions within the party, its decisional rituals, its ideologies, the contending ambitions within it; it is also the question of coalitions. 

There is an unnecessary hype surrounding the event that one needs to deflate. Mr. Modi is not yet king, he is far away from being king. A party bereft of ideas sees him as a  saviour.

Rajnath Singh mailbox

In a party where few seem to be able to express their frank opinion regarding Modi, it is important for the party to have a counter-weight to the Gujarat Chief Minister to ensure the party has some allies by the time the next elections come around.

The problem with LK Advani is that the party he built is slipping from his grasp.  Advani is out of touch and confused senior leader of BJP. He had his chance to lead the party in the last general elections and failed badly. 

It is time for Advani with his impeccable and honest record to put his might for further strengthening the base of BJP with proper guidance and full support to Modi. Time will not repeat and time has come for Advani to use his brain over his heart.


  1. With all these hue and cry..I only want to say these political leaders are making mockery of themselves...Nautanki Saala.. :-P
    Anyway it is a nice read.. :-)


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