#12: Batman vs Hulk

Having beaten the Captain at his own game in match 5, Batman now turns towards Hulk, the angry green beast.

Name: Bruce Wayne
Affiliation: Founding member of Justice League Of America
Background: Orphaned at the age of 14, Bruce Wane's life changed totally with the death of his parents. He vowed to take revenge on the criminal world. After completing his education in US, he went far-east to learn new fighting styles and criminal psychology. He initially fought as a plain-clothed vigilante but was so badly beaten up that he realised that he must wear a cowl to actually strike fear into the hearts of the villains. So he adorned his Batman armour and became the Dark Knight who protected Gotham.

Name: Dr. Bruce Banner
Affiliation : The Avengers
Background : An emotionally reserved genius scientist, Bruce first transformed into Hulk when he was subjected to a gamma bomb explosion as he tried to protect Rick Jones who had wandered into the testing range. The Hulk possesses a little of Banner's memory and intelligence, and is easily enraged making him a menace to the society. After the Asgardian trickster Loki trapped Hulk into destroying a train, Hulk joined the likes of Wasp, Iron Man , Thor and others to take revenge on Loki.


Batman vs Hulk
Photo Credits : Statman

Skill :

Hiding in the shadows of night using his black cape, Batman uses stealth and the element of surprise to take his enemies down. A master of judo, karate and various other martial arts the Bat is a deadly hand to hand combatant. His utility belt packs quite a punch and has batarangs, grapnels and hooks, smoke pellets and razor sharp throwing blades.

The Hulk counters Batman's stealth tactics with head-on brute force. He has superhuman strength and is almost invincible. With his towering height and muscles this green monster has many a times beaten the most powerful foes of the Marvel Universe with his famous Hulk Smash. His Thunder-Clap has the power to cause vibrations which shatter window panes and dissipate any venomous gas around him. The problem with defeating Hulk is the more you beat him up, the angrier he gets and we all know what happens when Hulk gets angry. While in a calm emotional state Hulk is capable of lifting about 90 tons which rises to well over 100 tons, with the potential for limitless strength, depending on the height of his temper. 

Hulk Smash

Hulk owns Batman in the skill round and takes the edge for this round.

Batman - 85/100
Hulk - 100/100

Intellect :

Batman is considered to be the most able tactician there is in the Justice League. His detective skills are second to none and he is often seen reading situations in a different light. To aid him he has a giant supercomputer in is bat-cave which supplies him with the information he needs. He is considered to be the most intelligent person in the Marvel universe.

While Bruce Banner is one of the more intelligent people in the Marvel Universe he loses almost the entire brain functionality when he transforms into the Hulk. Hulk is barely able to construct sentences and has often been misled and swayed by villains who then use them to suit their own needs. The Savage Hulk which is his most common appearance possesses the mental capacity and temperament of a young child and typically refers to himself in the third person.

Batman gets his revenge and takes this round for good.

Batman - 80/100
Hulk - 25/100

Armour :

BatmobileBatman wears a Flameweave / Kevlar composite armour which is fire-resistant and bulletproof to some extent. His cowl acts as a  prop to make his figure seem more terrifying while the cape often makes the enemies aim at the larger figure instead of aiming exactly at him.

He rides on his Batmobile which is High-Powered Car with built in weaponry.

The Hulk's gamma ray radiation effect has caused him to be resistant to any form of disease or poison. His durability, endurance and regeneration power increases with his temper making him a mean machine. In addition to that his strong leg muscles allow him to leap miles. He has once even taken a huge jump to reach Mt. Olympus which is 1000 miles from the earth's surface.


While Batman's composite armour protects him from bullets and projectiles, his armour is no way designed to counter the heavy blows dealt by Hulk. He may be able to evade Hulk's blow for a short span of time but the imminent damage to his armour. On the other hand, vibranium and adamantium blades are quite harmful and have been shown to pierce Hulk's body causing him to bleed. With Batman generally outsmarting villains, we have a clear idea which of them has a greater chance of happening. Batman scrapes through this round.

Batman - 80/100
Hulk - 70/100

Special :
Batman possesses no power and is a mortal with exceptional martial arts mastery.

Hulk on the other hand is resistant to psychic control and can breathe underwater for extended periods outlasting most of his Marvel counterparts except Namor. While he can manipulate Gamma radiations and energy emissions, this has also been shown to be his major weakness as it weakens him a great deal.

Hulk's ability to be suppressed by huge amount of gas inhalation and anti-adrenaline drug puts him on a back foot with the master tactician Batman. However, he wins this round with his super powers.

[Points out of 50 as it is against a mortal]
Batman - 0/50
Hulk - 40/50 


Batman - 245/350
Hulk - 235/350


It was  a Brain vs Brawn matchup and it was Batman who outwitted Hulk to win it though he will be battered beyond recognition in this attempt.

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  1. i really feel like hulk would just start smashing things until he blew something up. or he or batman would find the electrical current passing through a broken wire or something. and hulk would use it by swinging it around and batman would use it by finding a nerve in hulks body and shocking that part of his body sending it in a complete shut down. but again brains vs. brawn.


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