#16 Doctor Fate vs Doctor Strange

After Zatanna faced off against the Scarlet Witch, it is now the turn of the male magicians to prove their mettle through spells and blasts.

Dr. Strange
Name : Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange
Affiliation : The Avengers
Background: Stephen earned his medical degree in record time and entered a five year residency at the New York Hospital where his talent allowed him to become the top neurosurgeon before he turned 30. Once quite wealthy, Dr. Strange spent all his money after a debilitating car accident which had rendered his nerves seriously damaged. He spent his last amount looking for the Ancient One, the mystic protector of the Earth Realm, hoping for a miracle. After being exposed to the mystic realm, Strange accepted the Ancient One's offer of tutoring him and soon became a Sorcerer Supreme.

Dr FateName : Kent Nelson
Affiliation : The Justice League, Justice Society Of America
Background: Kent Nelson was the son of an archaeologist. When on a trip to Mesopotamia, he found an ancient immortal Nabu, from planet Cilia, trapped in a state of animated suspension. When he freed him, the lever accidentally released a poisonous gas which killed his father. Nabu decided to mentor him and teach him the secrets of the universe. He was given an amulet, cloak and a helmet to serve as an agent of Lords of Order and a champion of the Good, Doctor Fate.


Dr Fate vs Dr Strange

Skill :

While Dr. Strange is a neurosurgeon by profession, he was trained in the basic martial arts by the Ancient One in his pursuit to become the Sorcerer Supreme. He is more the brains of the team rather than the brawn.

Though Dr. Fate's exposure to any kind of martial arts is almost nil, his ability to severely enhance his strength plays a major role in melee fighting. Another thing to his advantage is the fact that he was an archaeologist by profession and thus has more hours of hard-work to his name as compared to Dr. Strange. At the base level, without any powers he basically has the edge over Dr. Strange.

Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate really aren't the people to get into a fist fight, but if they ever do Dr. Fate would definitely be victorious.

Dr Fate
Dr. Fate - 50/100
Dr. Strange - 40/100

Intellect :

Dr. Fate's main power comes from Nabu, one of the Lords of order with vast powers and the keeper of talismans. Though he is sometimes controlled by Nabu, Dr. Fate gathers most of his energy and knowledge from Nabu himself, who is said to be millions of years old.

While Dr. Fate gathers his powers from Nabu, Dr. Strange relies on the superior wisdom of the deities whom he can summon to gather knowledge and magical abilities. The fact that he is in fact a thousand years old (The War of the Seven Spheres lasted thousand years though it was just a year in Earth) when it comes to fighting can also not be overlooked.

While strategy wise both are equally renowned, Dr. Strange's ability to gather knowledge from multiple deities supersedes Dr. Fate's Nabu connection. The edge for this round goes to Dr. Strange.

Dr Strange

Dr. Fate - 85/100
Dr. Strange - 90/100

Armour :

Dr. Fate comes armed with the Helm Of Nabu and the Amulet of Anubis. While the Helm of Nabu grants him wisdom and magical prowess, it also fends off attackers who try to wear it and then become insane with the vast array of powers available. The wearer's power is reduced considerably if he takes off the helm. The Amulet Of Anubis too grants vast amount of powers and can be used as a safehouse for escaping or as a prison for villains. It houses the souls of the old and dead Dr. Fates.

Doctor Strange wears the Eye of Agamotto, an amulet which can radiate light, pierce illusions, probe minds, open extradimensional portals, and perform other feats. He has a Cloak of Levitation which enables him to fly without expending personal magical energy. He possesses several other mystic artifacts, including the Orb of Agamotto, which he can use to observe events virtually anywhere in the multiverse. He has a library of mystic tomes, some of which, such as the Book of the Vishanti and the Darkhold, can serve as power sources or weapons in their own right.

While Dr. Fate's power level severally affected by his Helm and Amulet, Dr. Strange is an inborn talent and can function independently of his paraphernalia. The dependence of Dr. Fate on his armour causes his downfall.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Fate - 75/100
Dr. Strange - 90/100

Special Abilities :

 Both the sorcerers can fly and summon strength from deities and lords alike. While Dr. Fate attacks with psychic energy blasts, Dr. Strange counters them with astral projections. As both of them are unchallenged in their universes, it comes down to the feats they have accomplished as protectors of the Earth which will ultimately influence this round.

The feats that Dr. Strange have achieved are way more powerful than most of the things Fate has done. He can reverse time, close a black hole, ressurect the dead, put a shield over the whole world and almost bend reality to create substances like food and water out of thin air. The most powerful thing done by Dr. Fate is that he was able to teleport members of the JLA to another dimension to fight a monster that was pure evil and looked very similar to Dormammu. Also he's able to see slightly into the future but as Strange is able to cast magic at the speed of thought, he can just incapacitate Dr. Fate before he really does anything.

Dr. Fate is outclassed in magical prowess and Dr. Strange wins this round.

Dr Fate
Photo Credits : Mia Cabrera

Dr. Fate - 75/100
Dr. Strange - 90/100


Dr Strange

Dr. Fate - 285/400
Dr. Strange - 310/400

Dr. Strange shows Dr. Fate why he is called the Sorcerer Supreme and proves to both the universes that his superior knowledge and power are to be feared.

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