Your Eyes

Sushma Sharma

Sushma Sharma

Sushma Sharma is a graduate from BITS Pilani. She presently works in Ernst and Young and loves drawing cartoons and writing poems. A fun-loving character, she was part of the Publicity team for the fests in her college. She is also known to be a tom-boy and a certified-master at the art of cracking PJs. She is a recurring guest author on Bytes and Banter, click to read her poem - Let Me Live Some More.

I'm dead, I am alive
I'm weak, I am strong
Trying to figure out whats wrong I see no birds, no air
I'm just a thirsty lonely tree
Every time I see your eyes
I shine more than one can see

Losing my sense
Losing my breath
I'm forgetting my name
I'm forgetting me
Whenever I look into them
Those eyes buy me for free

I am waiting for you
By the side of the street
All dressed up
Knowing we are not gonna meet
Talking to you
When u cant listen at all
Loving you boy
Scribbling your name on every wall

Take my soul, and let me live
For all the love that you might give
Take my faith and let me believe
That you will stay and never leave
Kill my lust and let me kiss
That moment of eternal bliss
When you will be me
And I will be you
All of my dreams will come true

Crying loud, Laughing hard
I read feelings, I write love
I am lost in thoughts
Farther than the sea
Your eyes have bought me for free.....


  1. intense and pure.. just that ishq wala love :)
    I am waiting for you knowing we are not gonna meet .. wow !!
    very nice read .... Thumbs Up Sushma !! :)


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