#9: She - Hulk vs Wonder Woman

Being one of the finest and most skillful woman in the DC Comics universe, the Amazonian Wonder Woman tests her mettle against the immensely powerful green she-thing from the Marvel Comics, She-Hulk.

Wonder WomanName : Diana of Themyscira
Affiliation : Justice League
Background : Born as a princess in Themyscira, an ancient Amazonian tribe of Greek Mythology, she was carved from the clay beaches of the island by her mother and Queen Hippolyta. She was given various powers by the Greek Gods and ultimately donned the costume of Wonder Woman to act as an ambassador and emissary from Themyscira fighting against crime along with Justice League.

She-HulkName : Jennifer Walters
Affiliation : Avengers and Fantastic 4
Background  : Jennifer Walters was a lawyer before she was seriously wounded in a fight. For her survival, her only cousin Bruce Banner had to give her a blood transfusion. She thus gained the power of the Hulk and could transform to cause some great deal of damage. She joined the Avengers and also temporarily worked with the Fantastic 4.


Wonder Woman vs She-Hulk
Credits - OrangePickles
Skill :

Being an Amazonian girl, she was trained in multiple martial arts from her childhood. She spent time training with Ares and is blessed with divine weapons forged by Hephaestus to help her through tough situations. Though she has sometimes used additional weaponry like the magical sword forged by Hephaestus strong enough to cut off electrons from atoms, her favourite has always been the Golden Lasso of Truth. It forces the beings under its power to tell the truth at all times and is virtually indestructible though there are some cases which say otherwise. Diana can also use her tiara as a boomerang; its razor sharp edge can cut through almost everything.

Credits - Benny Fuente
Jennifer or She-Hulk relies very heavily on her strength and the fact that the angrier she is the more powerful she becomes. She has no limits in that sense and hence can create havoc with elevated heartbeat and blood-pressure levels. Her skin is impervious to temperature, force or any kind of disease. Jennifer also has the knowledge of acupressure and had once rendered Abomination helpless with these tactics. She has also trained with the Ovoid races, enabling her to swap bodies with other human women and take their power, thought the green-pigmentation still remains true to her body.

Diana may have the agility and strategy to tackle She-Hulk, but to match her blow for a blow when she is at her maximum.. nope. This round goes to She-Hulk, for her sheer strength.

Wonder Woman -75/100
She Hulk - 90/100  

Intellect :

Though the transformation of Bruce Banner leaves him dim-witted and in a state of mindless blabber, the same doesn't happen with his cousin Jennifer. She is able to retain her mind and can think clearly. She is also a skilled attorney who has passed out of UCLA school of Law where she was a merit scholar thus speaking miles about her education.

Diana was blessed by Goddess Athena with wisdom, intelligence and military prowess. This enables her to be a master tactician and strategist.

While the superheroes are more or less equal in their capability to use their intellect, She-Hulk has often been seen to place her raw strength and apply a more brute force techniques in her combat. She uses her superhuman strength to more or less bludgeon her enemies into submission rather than being smart about it.

Diana wins this round by a fraction.

Wonder Woman  - 75/100
She-Hulk - 70/100

Armour :

She-Hulk's main armour is her skin, she can sustain tremendous extremes of temperatures, punctures and lacerations. It is technically impervious to force, pain and stress. She is also resistant to all forms of disease.

Wonder WomanDiana is blessed with god-forged weapons, she wears a blue-red swimsuit with a Golden Tiara and bulletproof bracelets to decrease the damage caused. The bulletproof bracelets are made out of Athena's legendary shield Aegis, which is powerful enough to absorb any submachine gun firing and sustain even through the most powerful energy blasts. The Golden Tiara has a central ruby through which she is able to contact the Amazonians back home and call for reinforcements if necessary. She also occasionally uses chest plate, petruges and golden helmet forged in the smiths of heaven by Hephaestus.

This round goes to Wonder Woman due to her ability to deflect and absorb even the strongest energy blasts in addition to having a way superior armour.

Wonder Woman - 75/100
She-Hulk - 60/100

Special Abilities :

Wonder Woman has the power of flight granted to her by the God Hermes, she is able to fly at a maximum of half the speed of light. She- Hulk can jump a great distance though it comes nowhere close to the Hulk's capability of jumping a mile.

Both the superheroes also have the ability to regenerate health, She-Hulk's is innate and Wonder Woman's is a boon from Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Hearth and Fertility. In this Diana can fuse with the earth -Gaia or can derive nourishment from the planet to heal herself.

In addition to these Wonder Woman has extra powers in the form of channeling lightning through her bracelets. She can also clank the two bracelets of hers to create such an enormous amount of sound that even Superman's ears would start bleeding.

This round without doubt goes to the Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman - 85/100
She-Hulk- 70/100
Wonder Woman
Credits - Jeff Chapman


Wonder Woman - 310/400
She-Hulk - 290/400
Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman beats She-Hulk to claim victory. Her enormous number of God powers along with sound strategy was too much to handle for She-Hulk.

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