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Every time this happens, I’m certain there shall be scores of debates and blog posts written. These mediums of expression have served nothing more than taming the frustration and sharing the scorn the masses hold against the government. These debates will soon die out as the day passes and the blog posts shall be buried in the vast pool of data that is furnished every hour. I am sad to say this is one such post. I am hopeless in admitting this would do no more than giving my ire an image. These are those questions which have no answers…….

Lumbini Park no longer attracted the same volume of crowds after being branded a scenic graveyard thanks to the blasts that tore Hyderabad apart on August 25, 2007, moments before the second blast at Gokul chat. Even today, the cookware at Gokul chat smell of blood and mayhem as the blast that shook the city still manages send a chill down my spine. Those were the days in my junior college that taught me to rejoice a footboard journey in a bus packed thrice it capacity. Yes, a bomb in the bus could inflict more damage than what either of the blasts managed. Like every other Indian, I was shaken. Like any other Hyderabadi, I was scared and thanked heavens on returning home from any place that attracted huge crowds. Places where a lunchbox or two could easily have gone untouched or even unnoticed. I was done through the day, the college and through five and a half years from then.

The recent blasts at Dilsukhnagar were what the police have warned us back then. They sent out press releases that warned the common man what-if and how-to during such trying circumstances. The article scrolls through my mind with the words lunchboxes, motorcycles, suspicious blast, Indian Mujahideen and what not, melting down from the cold and subconscious portions of my memory. I might sound stereotypical in questing if the Police were in a slumber or were tending to the corrupt (stereotypical again) bastards who stick their heads out at times like these and utter the time tested rubbish that the media itself was done writing. I ponder if India has gone back to square one without doing much homework after the blasts that keep rocking the cradle every once in a while. Are we so ignorant that we let some mentally challenged guys to smuggle in explosives and plant them right in front of our own eyes? Are we so foolish that we know who they are but accept lame statements from the elite who are not willing to put “UNFAIR” claims? My dear politician, we know that when you’re done beating around the bush all that is left is a fresh topic for media to pour on and a bunch of tombstones.

One of the biggest hubs of the city that housed many coaching institutes, cinema theatres, bus stops, paying guest houses and fruit cum vegetable markets turned into an inferno within the wink of an eye whilst the cloud of dust and distress filled the place. All that was left when it settled was chopped limbs, dead bodies and blood that stained the roads better than the tar used on them. Watching Arnav Goswami breathe fire on the ministry and police, it was time we asked the men in white and ourselves the following questions:
  1. Why are there no CCTV cameras (at least one) nearby?
  2. How long can we digest the trash Home Ministry has to say?
  3. How are the terrorists able to smuggle explosives after all that we learnt from 26/11?
  4. Is India worse than a developing nation in preventing blasts?
  5. Why did the government fail to act when there was Intel at its disposal?
As I stated, there will never be answers to these. Another blast, a fresh set of questions and debates. And yes, Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde was at his diplomatic best in denying blaming any group for this blast. Mr. Shinde, I suggest you go ask your grandson at dinner. Why not spare the Indian Mujahideen the pain and effort to give a public statement claiming the responsibility?

This might not be in the best interests of Mr. Kapil Sibal and he might be extremely unpleased as I have a few words for our Prime Minister:

Dear Mr. Manmohan Singhji,

     As an Indian citizen, it was in my best capabilities that I tried to confide and support you. But it tests my courage to tell you that my patience has been exhausted as I believe my faith in you shall never bear any fruit. Your unperturbed composure and calm may serve as an example to many but I am sorry to state they are nothing more than cannon without fire. All your actions were just selling coals to Newcastle whilst you weren’t willing to do the dirty work. I gave you a chance to prove your worth as the country was never devoid of scams and scandals. But you failed to show us who you were. I remain helpless in these hours of pain and agony. So are the billion others.

Request: Please stop condemning these acts of violence. I assume no Indian is elated about these happenings. WE DON’T NEED YOUR CONDOLENCES. WE DON’T WANT ANY EX-GRATIA. WE DON’T WANT TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Yours Faithlessly
Someone whose plea goes unnoticed yet again.


  1. Cynicism and a feeling of despair is what most of us tend to express whenever such incidents happen.There are many( in fact scores of them)out there expressing the same anguish and helplessness every time. The need of the hour is an introspection as to why we fall prey to such heinous acts time and again. If beefing up intelligence and security is all what the government has to do to prevent the incidents it is a near impossible thing given the size and population of the country with the kind of logistics problem we have. Let us forget the impracticality of the above and assume the government could in a hypothetical setup have a 100 percent success rate in avoiding terror attacks it is still not enough. Because terrorism is something beyond an LED attached to a cycle that would in a fraction of second create the havoc it intends to. Terrorism is that mindset that could be dormant but alive always waiting for a moment to strike back at you. Hence the duty of the government and also the people equally is to address the grievances of the marginalized sections of the society which due to persistent negligence and to an extent also due to systematic oppression from elements within the state. It is this lethal catalyst that should be the primary concern. Otherwise with cynicism and the attitude of blaming the government for everything without fulfilling the obligations we ought to in this regard nothing would really change. If our attitude remains the same God forbid, the day when tiffin boxes in crowded buses become instruments of terror is not far away.

    1. Firstly, thanks for going through the post. But there is something I'd like to clarify. There was intel given to the govt on the 19th and 20th of February while the blast took place on 21st. The info was passed on as a general message which the Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy said and I quote "ordinary messages which come now and then". These statements do frustrate the public(don'y they?). Let me take you back to when Gokul chat n Lumbini park were in ruins. Dilsukhnagar was the next most feared area and there have been rumours and threats in the area that were dealt with. So why wasn't a single constable there in the jam packd jn? Cynism is not what I intend to express. Sorrow. This is what brings out the anguish and a cynic out of us. And yes, I do try to trust the govt and having had an acceptable amount of education, I do recognize the fact that loathing the govt. is pointless. But a huge network of ministers, police, informers and protection forces on the lookout, i believe there room for improvement. And yes, these mishaps bring the cynic in me, in many others and as I concluded, we are helpless.

  2. Much like your city, even Delhi has been a victim of blasts and mayhem in the recent past! My brother luckily escaped one in 2008 and it hurts to accept the fact that the people responsible are nothing more than a bunch of morons who have mastered the game of passing the buck!

    Yesterday a friend's friend died! Since no flesh of hers is left there wont be any last rites!

    We are nothing more than sitting ducks to terror and terrorists! Sigh!

    Will watch this space more often! Will get to writing about bomb blasts soon, this recent one too since it has almost become an everyday affair and just need to vent my agony somewhere!

    I write here

    Please visit sometime

    1. Hello rinzu, surely fills us with sorrow and disbelief that v need to pen down and share. I wish you luck and thanx for gng thru dis post.

    2. My deepest condolences to your friend's friend too....may she rest in peace!

  3. Replies
    1. does the whole nation :|..(thanx for reading)


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