In search of a Dark Knight

India continues to be unled despite a Rising Rahul in a falling Congress and a towering Modi in a stagnant BJP...
India 2013. We are still led by the same worn-out technocrat, and a party which believes in succession right of a family than in democracy. A disarray main opposition party which has been swelled with egos and smuggled by personal ambitions, ever since the fall of Vajpayee; looks towards a promising but tainted Modi.

What I speak of is nothing new. The saga has been the same since the accidental Manmohan crowning. Who started out as a modernizer  is now found moulded into an underachiever. And India 2004 which was 'almost shining' is, today a symbol of corruption, chaos and chutiyaap.

Everything above seems already heard of, stated time and again. Every now and then, we propose the rise of a leader, an Indian Obama, who'd gain an overwhelming public support. For the matter of fact Anna Hazare did gain an overwhelming public support, yet we aren't any better, are we?

In this post, I point towards a silent guardian, a watchful protector; or rather the lack of it. A dark knight, who'd make sense prevail, that's what India deserves more than it needs.

The Gadkari chapter revealed the weakenesses of major political parties in 2012. Today, the two major parties and struck in the web of mindless people. People like, Mayawati and Mulayam, who do not have a head above their shoulders seem to be raising their heads too high. Shrewd ones like, Sharad Pawar and Mamata Banerjee, go on with their never ending tantrums. Not to forget the mindless blabbers from people like, Azam Khan or Digvijay Singh.

To me people like Arun Jaitley, AK Anthony, LK Advani, Shashi Tharoor ; seem people with minds.  Although their parties are bound to be led by Rahul Gandhi, (India's most unsuccessful political campaigner) and Modi ( though India's most successful CM, but someone who can never be Atal.) It is these sensible people who have to protect, end chaos and make sense prevail. We load their shoulders with hopes of replacing divisive politics with development politics. Hopes of being the Dark Knight we deserve.

In Nehru's words..
Elections would be over in a few days.. I'm interested in other big issues....

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