Where's our Obama ?

The newspapers today morning were full with the news of Barack Obama's re-election in the World's Largest Economy. I've always fancied Obama'a Oratory skills. He seems like a man, who would lead the Nation through any storm; or at least that's what his facial expressions suggest . As I read  Obama's victory speech ,this morning I compared our leader’s speeches. Our guys won’t talk about issues, problems and solutions. They would rather choose to play with the listener’s emotions. As I looked back at Obama’s image in the newspaper I asked myself Where’s our Obama?

President Barack Obama
Well my mind retorted back, our country leaders won’t stand up to lead the country; they would rather prefer pitting casts and communities against each other, fighting over silly issues and planning new scams.
I had to rush to my class, but the question ball kept hitting the walls of my mind...Who’s our charismatic Obama? Yeah one could crack a joke, someone as brilliant as Sachin ! But on a serious note we do need a leader who can lead the nation from front . How long can we survive with a Prime Minister, who lacks backbone, no matter how good an economist he is …

Rahul Gandhi is too naïve and stupid to be the one. Narendra Modi’s shady history steals his chances. Oppurtunists like Mulayam,or Mayawati…?? NO WAY!!

I kept wondering over a possible answer for a while before I hit the Jackpot….Arvind Kejriwal seems the man! The way he has breathed fire against top-notch politicos and industrialists; one has to appreciate his guts. The guy has turned out to be wiser, than expected, maintaining his significance despite parting ways with Anna and launching a new political party. They’ve created a tumult  and have dismantled the “India ka kuch nahi ho sakta” kind of feeling...

But the question remains Can Arvind Kejriwal and his (IAC) do it for us? Will the enormous amount of prime time and media attention that this group has attracted in the recent weeks actually translate into something fruitful and constructive in the future…well let’s all hope it does..let’s all hope India shines up from all the chaos….And that we finally discover our Obama !

Arvind Kejriwal

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