#6: Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna Zatara

The conjurers who have many a times saved the Earth from the brink of destruction now meet to decide who is the alpha - conjurer...

Scarlet WitchName : Wanda Maximoff
Affiliation : Avengers
Background : Wanda is the daughter of Magneto and twin sister of Quicksilver. The twins were initially inducted into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but were later recruited into the Avengers team by Iron Man ( after the X-Men captured Magneto and Toad ). In the Avengers team, Wanda found her love, the robot Vision and they got married with blessings of their team-mates. Wanda had two kids with Vision   ( Don't ask me how !!!) Thomas and William.

Zatanna ZataraName : Zatanna Zatara
Affiliation : Justice League of America
Background : Zatanna is the daughter of Giovani Zatara of the mystical Homo Magi class of humans. Along with her brother Zachary, she makes her living as a stage illusionist prior to discovering her magical powers. She then meets Batman and Robin disguised as a witch under control of a terrible villain The Outsider. She later helps Justice League in resolving many cases before formally becoming a part of it.


Scarlet Witch vs ZatannaWanda vs Zatanna

Skill :

Wanda is a master in conjuring hexes ( manifesting as hex spheres and hex bolts ). She can manipulate the laws of probability through these hexes. These hexes need a great deal of concentration on her part and often backfire when she is weak or mentally fatigued. The main plus point about these hexes are that Wanda can actually blast a villain using a simple hand gesture though it requires her to be quite near to her foe as these are short ranged spells.

Zatanna on the other hand verbally casts spells by speaking the wordings backwards.   ( For example  - She says 'pots' to actually mean 'stop'). Her spells have a long range effect and are often effective against slow opponents. She is also a master manipulator of the mind and has on numerous occasions erased memory from the minds of her foes. She can control the four elemental forces of Nature - Earth , Wind , Water and Fire (basically similar to Avatar - air, water, wind and fire bender).

Zatanna though more effective than Scarlet Witch from a long range, can actually be put in a tight situation as she has to use her voice to control and use magic. This disability has often rendered her useless when she is gagged by villains.

Both the magicians have their limitations but owing to the fact that the Scarlet Witch can decimate Zatanna (if she hexes her to keep her mouth shut first) we give the edge in this round to Wanda.

Scarlet Witch  - 75/100
Zatanna Zatara - 60/100

Intellect :

Both have many a times shown their brilliance and their foolishness.

While Zatanna's spells are sometimes shattered by her low self-confidence (the Seven Soldiers blunders) , Scarlet Witch's inability to properly control her hexes (often backfiring to cause a great deal of damage to her allies and herself) gives a huge upper-hand to Zatanna's team.

Zatanna edges past Wanda in this round due to her spell reliability and fight temperament.


Scarlet Witch - 65/100
Zatanna Zatara - 75/100

Armour :

The contenders actually have the most slutty dresses in their respective universes and hence have little / no armour at all. They rely on their magic to block and parry attacks from foes.

Zatnna wears a female magician's costume with a magician's hat to protect (?!!) her head. Wanda wears a red version of Enchantress' dress with a sparkling red headband.

It is a tie which cannot be settled.

Scarlet Witch - 40/100
Zatanna Zatara - 40/100

Special Powers :

While Zatanna uses restoration magic, the Scarlet Witch is famously known for her destruction powers ( Not that they can't use other kinds but just stating what they are adept at ). So let us compare their biggest feats...

Wanda recreated the omniverse in 'House Of M' whereas Zatanna summoned the very powerful Spectre...

While summoning a powerful creature requires a lot of strength and concentration , the fact that Spectre started killing people after being summoned weakens Zatanna's argument. We attribute this round to the Scarlet Witch .

Scarlet With - 80/100
Zatanna Zatara  - 70/100


Scarlet Witch - 260/400
Zatanna Zatara- 245/400

Scarlet Witch's hexes are too hot for Zatanna to handle... Even if Zatanna gets off the first spell, the Scarlet Witch can warp reality so that she gains the upper-hand. The Marvel Universe win this match-up with their most powerful sorceress the Scarlet Witch.


  1. A little disappointed Zatanna looks prettier and deserves 20 extra points :(

    1. Hehe.. This is a classic 'Don't judge a book by its cover' case :P

  2. Zatanna FTW. She way more gorgeous and she's stronger.

    1. While Zatanna may enchant you with her thongs, the power of probability and hex spheres are somethings that not even she can ignore. After all, beauty doesn't save her from the psychic effects of her foes.


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