#4: Iron Man vs Green Lantern

As Green Lantern had a huge advantage over Iron Man with his normal armour , we compare him with Iron Man wearing his Bleeding Edge armour for this fight.

Name: Tony Stark
Affiliation: The Avengers
Background:  Son of the famous scientist Howard Stark, Anthony (or better known as Tony) Stark inherited his father’s company Stark Industries after his parents died. Making weapons he grew into a “ Genius, Millionaire, Playboy ” and supplied new and high technology weapons to the US Govt. Going to supervise a field test in the Gulf ( previously Vietnam) he tripped a booby trap which caused a piece of shrapnel to be loaded into his chest. Building the arc reactor and a suit to keep him alive and fight evil he became Iron Man.

Name: Hal Jordan
Affiliation: The Justice League
Background: He was the first human-being to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps when he was chosen by the dying Abin Sur’s ring. Acting as a galactic police officer he was to take care of everyone who lived in Sector 2814 of the universe. He fought his own mentor Sinestro and defeated him to save the universe. He later became one of the founding members of Justice League along with Superman, Batman , Wonder Woman and a few others.


Skill :

Well I think after the recent Avengers movie, it is clear how Iron Man actually fights. He has repulsor rays in his gauntlets which blast and kill most of the enemies. They are strong energons concentrated into a beam with the power to take out a battalion of soldiers at once. The other weapon which the Iron Man lastly resorts to is the Unibeam. These energons are generated directly from the powered arc in his heart thus having greater energy and force.

With the new bleeding edge armour Stark also can mould the nano-particles of his suit to take any shape – whether a light saber or giant boxing gloves. This provides him with an extra flexibility, a one which Green lantern already had.

As a normal human being Hal doesn’t have any powers much like Tony Stark, but once he wears the green lantern ring he is able to fly, shoot energy laser projections and create low and high constructs from the Green Light of Willpower.

Using the ring the Green Lantern is able to lift heavy objects (often more than 100 tons) with ease and throw it at his enemies. This will specially affect foes like Iron Man who are not famous for their speed but their intellect. This round is very close as the skill sets of Iron Man and Green Lantern are almost the same.

Green Lantern – 85/100
Iron Man – 80/100

Green Lantern wins this round as willpower is a relatively cheaper thing to harness than energy. If Stark runs out he needs to find an energy source which is harder to find than a source of inspiration. (A debatable topic – but this is what I feel ).

Intellect :

There is no doubt who is the more intelligent person here. Tony Stark, son of Howard Stark is considered one of the most knowledgeable persons in Marvel Universe after Reed Richards and Hank Pym. In fact his knowledge in mechanics and electrical energy harnessing is unparalleled.

Green Lantern - 75/100
Iron Man – 90/100

Iron Man beats Green Lantern fair and square in this round.


Stark’s Bleeding Edge Armor is the state of art unrivaled by any other. It is basically a bundle of nano-particles which reside in Stark’s body. These are controlled directly by Stark’s mind reducing any kind of machine delay or hacking from outside. The nano-particles can be combined to assume any shape on Stark’s body and can withstand even a Howitzer shell. The suit is relatively light too and adds even less than 25 pounds to his body. It is made of a composite of iron platinum and carbon nanotubes, so it is not even affected by the metal bending Magneto’s power.

The Green Lantern’s armor on the other hand is lighter and designed for speed and agility. It doesn’t provide much defense bonus and expected defense is from the power of the Ring.

Green Lantern – 65/100
Iron Man – 80/100

Iron Man with his Bleeding Edge armor wins this round hands down.

Tony Stark's Bleeding Edge Armour present as nano-particles in his body

Special Powers :

There are no special powers as such as both as mortals are defenseless and their flight and other powers can only be attributed to their respective suits and ring.


Green Lantern - 225/300
Iron Man - 250/300

Iron Man wins this match up by a mile. Maybe the Bleeding edge armor was too much for Green Lantern as it gives the required flexibilities as well as the extra already present Stark’s repulsor rays. 


  1. I still somehow feel Green lantern would win. After all he is truly supernatural or may be it's just because I am a bigger fan of him. Be that as it may, kudos to the awesome article by Soumabha !

    1. I like Green Lantern too - Hal rocks. Green Lantern would easily kick Iron Man's ass with his normal armour, but with the new Bleeding edge armour he has the ability to regenerate the parts which I believe is a huge bonus.

  2. Whats part of the most powerfull weapon of the universe you dont understand?

    1. Its the most powerful in one of the comic Universe.. we are trying to avoid the universe bound comparisons, they do speak volumes but don't give an estimate of their power as compared to weapons of other universes.. Hope this reply answers your question.


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