Justice League vs The Avengers

Well you most probably are wondering from where I have actually got the idea to make these 2 awesome superhero teams fight, so let me explain…The show “The Deadliest Warrior” is a show I love and it compares stats and fights heroes and warriors who have never met in a battlefield before and then predicts what the outcome might have been by simulating a 1000 battles fought between the 2 warriors.. So I thought to myself, why not try this with the 2 greatest superhero teams –
Justice League

The DC Comics
 “Justice League” 



The Marvel Comics 
“The Avengers

I hope to make it a small series of posts because it is really hard to compare these vast numbers of superheroes in a single go. It will be a series of fights between the heroes who will face off against each other i.e. a 1v1 matchup... The heroes will be matched such that they resemble each other in their fighting styles, dressing sense and roles they play in their respective teams.

There are 4 factors which will come into play… Each will be a maximum of 100 points. And the total will be the decider as to who will win. The four factors are -

1) Armor – The effectiveness of the attire which they wear to fend off/deflect/absorb attacks. It tests their use in providing cover and how much it actually slows them down.

 Skill – Pretty self explanatory . The technique and the power of the weapons that they wield, it may be strength and brute force for some people like the Hulk and weapons for the others.

3) Intellect – The ability to come out of tricky situations and make use of the surroundings so as to gain an edge over the opponent.

4) Specials – The extra special powers that the character has which distinguishes them from his opponent. The points will be out of 50 if it is a match between a mortal and a super-hero to keep the match-up fair.

Justice League vs The Avengers

Frankly I am a bit partial to “The Avengers” as their recent movie totally rocked, but “The Dark Knight” kicked some ass too!!!


  1. If you want to use the current JLA, Cybrog vs Vision might be better suited than using Martian Manhunter.

    Martain Manhunter can face off against the Hulk, than you have two green heroes up against each other. They are closer to power levels also. Manhunter would destroy Vision way too easily.

    1. That is a great idea Ritchie !!!
      I too felt that Martian Manhunter would be too powerful for Vision. I will make the changes soon :)

  2. For your match ups, you may wish to consider some of those that were used by:

    DC vs. Marvel Comics (April to May 1996)


    JLA/Avengers (September 2003 to May 2004)

    I would like to see how your computer program determines the outcome for a team battle for this match up.

    1. It is designed for 1v1 but I shall see how it can be modified to fit multiple opponents with a random chance of facing each other 1v1..

    2. As for the DC vs Marvel, great suggestion!! There have been some tough matches I have overlooked. Thanks :)
      I'll update the list soon enough.

  3. just for reference, vision has the same abilities as MM, except for the telekinesis, which doesnt matter much when you are up against a machine/android. Secondly vision just needs to create fire and the fight is over...(for anyone who does not know, Martian manhunters' weakness is fire) and incase anyone is ever like well how would he create fire?he has a laser beam on his forehead, belive it or not is just as easy trying to hit him, miss, and still win due to the fire created from whatever he hit

    1. Maybe but Vision is shown to be weak more often than not... But as per your wish I will add a MM vs Vision post too and post its results...


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