#2: Black Widow vs Hawkgirl

Well most of my friends had told me that it would be an uneven matchup but it’s the closest pair I got... so let’s begin!!

Name: Natasha Romanova (Romanoff)
Affiliated To: Avengers (Leader for a brief period), S.H.I.E.L.D.
Background: Orphaned at a young age, Natasha was inducted into the Black Widow program and given training in espionage. This was during the World War II when U.S.S.R. and US was busy fighting the Germans. She later manipulated and romanced Hawkeye into fighting against IronMan. After realizing her mistake, she broke ties with her villainous employer and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. becoming an unofficial part of the Avengers.

Name: Shayara Hol
Affiliated To: The Justice League, The Birds Of Prey
Background: A law enforcement officer of the planet Thanagar, she is the wife of Hawkman. She was initially assigned to capture the Rainbow Robbers where she met her partner and later husband Katar Hol ( Hawkman). After the case, in Silver Age , the duo were sent to Earth in pursuit of Byth Rok. On reaching Earth they soon became friends with and later joined The Justice League.


Hawkgirl vs Black Widow

Skill :

The Hawkgirl is often seen fighting with an enchanted arcane powered Thanagarian mace. She is also skilled in using the Thanagarian  sword and shield combo. Her later versions used spears in combat with her foes. She carries into battle her arsenal of deadly weapons like the Tri Hook, the Katar and the Shurikens.

The Black Widow in turn carries a wide variety of modern range weapons. She usually fights with a gun but her finishing move weapon is the "Widow's Bite"- the tailor-made bracelets on both her hands which release about 30000 volts of electrostatic energy capable of stunning even the Hulk at a range of 30 feet. These bracelets also function as a tear gas emitter and radio transmitter controlled by her wrist muscle movements giving her the flexibility to fire even up close. The Black Widow has also been spotted carrying various bombs in her multi utility belt. She relies on her superior martial arts skills when fighting close combat.

In ranged combat the Black Widow has the edge due to the “Widow’s Bite” and a variety of modern weaponry but her limited ammunition cannot be ignored as well. In close range combat there is no doubt that the Black Widow would get better of the Hawkgirl but the power of a Thangarian mace blow would certainly bring the Widow down. In the end it would come down to who can land the first successful blow.

Black Widow : 75/100
Hawkgirl : 70/100

The fight I believe is too close to call but all pointers lead to Black Widow as the winner.

Intellect :

Though the Hawkgirl is intelligent in her own terms, she in no terms is as shrewd and manipulative as the Black Widow. The Black Widow, who has received training in espionage and martial arts, has many a times changed loyalties and no one knows for sure what her next move might be. In fact her name too is taken from a deadly spider that mates and later kills male spiders.

Black Widow : 90/100
Hawkgirl: 70/100

Due to the shrewdness and zero – predictability nature of the Black Widow, she gets the edge in this round.

Armour :

The Hawkgirl wears the Nth metal Battlesuit consisting of artificial wings, the helmet, gloves legguards and boots. Armour wise the Nth metal deflects magic and is considered even more durable than Adamantium  and Vibranium. She owes her flight, acute vision and other major abilities to the Nth Metal belt around her waist.

On the other hand an ordinary S.H.I.E.L.D. suit worn by Black Widow is as good as no armour at all when in comparison with the Hawkgirl’s armour. Black Widow majorly relies on her agility to defend and dodge blows, so a single blow would cause critical damage.

Black Widow : 60/100
Hawkgirl  :80/100

The winner of this round is the Hawkgirl.

Special :
Hawkgirl’s flying ability with her artificial Thanagarian wings and healing factor which restores a bit of health/energy and patches up wounds though not deadly will prove essential in battle.

In contrast Black Widow being a normal human possesses no such powers.

[Points out of 50 as it is against a mortal]
Black Widow : 0/50
Hawkgirl : 40/50

The edge for Special Powers goes to the Hawkgirl by default.


Black Widow : 225/350
Hawkgirl : 270/350

The Hawkgirl wins this bout, earning glory for the Justice League. She is predicted to rip apart Black Widow due to her special abilities and her Nth metal armour.

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