#15 Wonder Woman vs Hulk

Wonder Woman uses her lasso to bring a victory for Justice League in the Match #9 against She-Hulk. While the other Avengers members accept it with grace, Hulk really isn't going to digest his cousin's defeat. He flares up and charges at Wonder Woman.

Name : Diana of Themyscira
Affiliation : Justice League
Background : Born as a princess in Themyscira, an ancient Amazonian tribe of Greek Mythology, she was carved from the clay beaches of the island by her mother and Queen Hippolyta. She was given various powers by the Greek Gods and ultimately donned the costume of Wonder Woman to act as an ambassador and emissary from Themyscira fighting against crime along with Justice League.

Name: Dr. Bruce Banner
Affiliation : The Avengers
Background : An emotionally reserved genius scientist, Bruce first transformed into Hulk when he was subjected to a gamma bomb explosion as he tried to protect Rick Jones who had wandered into the testing range. The Hulk possesses a little of Banner's memory and intelligence, and is easily enraged making him a menace to the society. After the Asgardian trickster Loki trapped Hulk into destroying a train, Hulk joined the likes of Wasp, Iron Man , Thor and others to take revenge on Loki.


Skill :

Princess Diana's biggest worry will be to counter the Hulk's infinitely increasing strength. Though she herself has been granted superhuman strength and durability by the Greek Goddess of Earth -  Demeter, Hulk's increasing strength with every blow will definitely be a headache which she cannot shake off. The finest warrior of Themyscira must judiciously combine her offense and defense to tame the wild green beast. Her use of weapons like the Golden Lasso Of Truth and Hephaestus' Magical Sword can change the outcome of the game.

For Hulk the main counter will be the use of Hulk Smash and Thunder Clap. Additionally, Diana's weakness for piercing weapons while remaining unfazed by blunt force is a problem which Hulk's pea-sized brain will have to overcome.

Hulk takes this round with his enormous power. His Thunderclap and Hulk Smash wade through even Hephaestus' armour.
Credits : Clydevil

Wonder Woman - 75/100
Hulk - 100/100

Intellect :

No competition in this. Hulk's lack of intelligence leads him to a way bigger pit. Unable to even construct sentences properly, it is impossible that he can come up with a strategy to beat Wonder Woman.

Blessed by Goddess Athena in intelligence and military prowess, Diana is a master tactician and strategist trained in the arts of leadership, persuasion and diplomacy, and possesses a great deal of courage as well. She is a gifted leader.

Wonder Woman takes this round with ease and brings the scores back on level terms. However, Hulk has many a times defeated even the most intelligent beings like Ultron just by using his raw power; his lack of brain is easily compensated by his raw power.

Wonder Woman - 70/100
Hulk - 40/100

Armour :

Aided by armour forged by Gods, Diana packs quite a punch with her bulletproof bracelets and golden tiara. In her battle mode she even wears chest plate, petruges and golden helmet forged in the smiths of heaven which are capable of stopping even the most deadliest of weapons.

Hulk's natural armour and durability is the direct effect of the gamma radiation which Dr. Banner was subjected to. He is a mean machine and not even bullets or cuts and bruises can stop him from dominating the battlefield.

Even though Diana's armour forged by the great God Hephaestus can endure the first few blows by the Hulk, this will only make him more angry. After a time, Hulk is bound to generate enough strength to bash through her armour and chew it like a piece of meat. If Diana can somehow get hold of Adamantium or Vibranium weapons then she can change the whole scenario but that looks quite unlikely. Edge to Hulk.

Wonder Woman - 65/100
Hulk - 75/100

Special Abilities :

Wonder Woman's power of flight is boon from the Greek God of Flight Hermes. She can reach a maximum of half the speed of light. Though Hulk cannot fly at all, he is able to jump distances which no man can. He once jumped all the way to Mount Olympus and can definitely reach the heights Wonder Woman can fly at. Unless, Wonder Woman plans to run away, her power of flight doesn't aid her much at all.

While both have regenerative abilities, Hulk's regenerative ability is much stronger than Wonder Woman's boon given to her by Demeter, Goddess Of Fertility and Hearth.

Though Wonder Woman's superhuman abilities are no doubt awesome, Hulk exceeds all of them with ease making him the clear winner in this situation.

Wonder Woman - 60/100
Hulk - 85/100


Wonder Woman - 270/400
Hulk - 300/400

Hulk gets his revenge for his fallen cousin and brings glory to the Avengers. His power is too much for Wonder Woman to handle as she succumbs and is defeated.

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