#10: Aquaman vs Namor

It is an undersea battle as the King Of Atlantis Aquaman fights Prince Namor the Sub Mariner, for dominion over the disputed territory.

AquamanName: Arthur Curry / Orin
Affiliation: Justice League of America
Background : As a king of Atlantis and ruler of the undersea territories, Aquaman commands the respect of all sea creatures. Born to the Queen Of Atlantis Atlanna and a mysterious wizard Atlan, he was abandoned in his childhood as his blonde hair was thought of as a curse by the Atlanteans. He grew up with the Dolphins and went back to Atlantis to reclaim his rightful throne. As a king , he had many victories and even aided the Greek God of Seas, Poseidon in taking revenge on a villain Triton.

NamorName : Namor Mackenzie
Affiliation : Avengers, though he has many a times gone against them to protect his own people.
Background : Born to an American seaman and the princess of Atlantis, he has been shown to be good-natured and caring. He not only is the protector of the underwater realms but has also tied up with the Defenders, Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four from time to time to save the lives of countless humans. He is the first mutant to be inducted into the Avengers as no one can predict his power source.


Namor vs Aquaman

Skill :

Aquaman's strength is not limited when under water. He has been seen to do feats and lift objects which even with the help of the buoyancy force would weigh at least a 70 Tons. The official stats given say that Aquaman can lift weights upto 100 tons inside sea. His strength however becomes less outside on land. On land the stats say that he can lift only upto 15 tons only though he has held his own against Wonder Woman, Lobo and Superboy. He carries the King's Trident and is quite skilled with it as he was given training as a part of the Atlantean Royal Tradition. (Note - We are considering the fully fit Aquaman and not the one with a hook instead of a hand)

However this is very less when compared to Namor's capabilities. Namor is said to be able to achieve a lifting power of 150 tons in sea and 60 tons outside. Once he even lifted Kang the Conqueror's ship to throw it far away from Atlantis. He has fought and defeated big guns like Dr. Doom, Hulk and Thor. He carries the Trident of Neptune which has magical powers and can manipulate and conjure water and lightning.

Though the fact that Aquaman swims in double digit hypersonic speeds which is much faster than Namor, he is in no position to match Namor blow for blow. The winner of this round is Namor.


Namor - 75/100
Aquaman - 65/100

Intellect :

Having led the Atlantean army to many victories Aquaman definitely has a keen strategic sense and leadership qualities. Aquaman also coordinates his attack of the Atlantean army with the help of different sea creatures who are called to his aid. He thus knows how to use the strength and weakness of a varied force and exploit them to suit his needs.

While Namor's strength increases when he is angry, this is also his weakness. He is extremely hot-headed and has often taken wrong decisions at the heat of the moment. Namor also has a reputation for not being a team player and as such looks to satisfying his needs.

By not keeping his cool, Namor has lost this round to one of the best tacticians of all time  - Aquaman.

Namor - 60/100
Aquaman - 80/100

Armour :

The Aquaman wears an orange chainmail type armour, which he is apparently born with. This is very durable  and can sustain heavy impacts and extreme temperatures with ease. With these he also wears green track pants (that is the best description I could come up with) with fins on each leg to aid his swimming.

Namor on the other hand has changed a lot of costumes over the years, his main defense comes from his hardened body and the suit he wears is only an eyewash for the comic readers. He is generally seen donning a green scaled swimming trunk or a black shiny scaled shirt and pant. He also wears bracelets sometimes, though they never do anything special. It is used more as an ornament than for fighting.


Technically, I should give no points to Namor for wearing simple clothes, but as my friend advises - the need of an armour is only when your body is not strong enough to counter the impact force. And as we all know Namor's body is hardened enough to trade blows with Hulk and still come out victorious. So essentially his body is the greatest armour one could ask for. As such he wins this round for this sole reason.

Namor - 75/100
Aquaman - 65/100

Special Abilities :

Let us start with the obvious ones which both of the superheroes possess -
  • Underwater Breathing (Duh!)
  • Marine Life Reinforcement - While Aquaman does this telepathically, Namor uses his Horn of Proteus to summon deadly beasts capable of causing great chaos.
  • Flight -  Namor can take to the air whenever he wants, though he swims much faster than he flies.
Well, it is quite clear that Namor clears Aquaman in this round too.

Namor - 75/100
Aquaman - 65/100


Namor - 285/400
Aquaman - 275/100

The Sub-Mariner fights the Aquaman till his last breath, ultimately his brute strength prevails over Aquaman's tactics and speed.

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