Doomsday - the Gangnam Style

Well most of us have seen this meme and all of us have heard 'Gangnam Style'. So what if this is true??!!! What if the Gangnam Style is our undoing and brings about the apocalypse.There have already been talks of how Gangnam Style was the ancient rain dance and the Gods were so furious that they sent Hurricane Sandy to devastate the East Coast of America. Few people also claim that the presence of  'PSY' in 'Apocalypse' actually gives them the jitters. (Pathetic !!! They bested even the worst PJ masters).

Well enough of ranting, let us come back to the topic.. so did Nostradamus get any of his predictions right?
Actually a bunch of them did come true -
1. He predicted the London Fire
2. He predicted the rise of Hitler
3. The fall of the WTC (World Trade Center) twin towers and many more...

He also predicted that the world would end ( We don't know when he predicted that would happen but the people who deciphered his prophecies sure do) in 1994, 1999, 2012. Which means I have died 2 times till now and am gonna die the third time this December. Lucky me !
Folklorist Daniel Rasley screamed in terror, before telling us “Given the dance’s astonishing cross-cultural popularity, I’d begun to suspect there were dark forces at work.”                                                                                                                        “When I checked the sequence of the horse-riding moves with a Mayan scroll it suddenly became clear: we have all been calling on the four horsemen of the apocalypse to come and ransack our world with their monstrous army.”
This article posted in NEWSThump shows how people (fake or real) are hyping this stuff . My friends keep telling me this is our last month let's be wild and do something crazy so we are remembered. Just a question - If it is the end of the world.. who will be left to remember you? Or are we suggesting that we all shall go to heaven and say "That is Soumav man , he did some crazy shit down there" ( I sincerely hope it is said is 'nigga style' - no racism meant). Ohh wait I got another one - Suppose we do crazy stuff (like unspeakable stuff which I can't write about on the blog cause my family reads it) and the world doesn't end.. How am I gonna recover then from the shame and embarrassment ???

Okay enough of sarcasm, so if anybody asks me a solution to this I have quite a few things to say -

Firstly, let people like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black live. All of us hate them real bad but they have sucky songs which never threaten the world.. appreciate that people !!!

Secondly, let us cross 1,000,000,000 Gangnam Style views before 21st December, then when the Apocalypse horsemen do come we can say "The number of views now has less than nine zeroes so better luck next time mate", it will be almost like shooing off the salesmen who call and bother us asking us if we need loans and credit cards.

So I leave the weak-hearted folks with 10 reasons why the world won't end in 2012.

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