#5: Batman vs Capt. America

After the sidekicks Winter Soldier and Nightwing faced off it is time for the masters to battle it out.

BatmanName: Bruce Wayne
Affiliation: Founding member of Justice League Of America
Background: Orphaned at the age of 14, Bruce Wane's life changed totally with the death of his parents. He vowed to take revenge on the criminal world. After completing his education in US, he went far-east to learn new fighting styles and criminal psychology. He initially fought as a plain-clothed vigilante but was so badly beaten up that he realised that he must wear a cowl to actually strike fear into the hearts of the villains. So he adorned his Batman armour and became the Dark Knight who protected Gotham.

Name: Steve Rogers
Capt AmericaAffiliation: Leader of the Avengers for some time
Background: Steve Rogers was a thin and weak Arts student who failed in passing the physical examination test for enrolling into the US Army. So he took part in Operation Rebirth and thus emerged as a super-soldier. Defeating the Nazis along with his side-kick Bucky Barnes made him a hero in the US. Unfortunately on one of his missions, he and Bucky were presumed to be dead after they diffused a bomb in mid-air which caused the plane to explode in mid-air and threw the two of them into the depths of the sea. He was later recovered by the US forces and came to be an important member of the Avengers Initiative.


Skill :

Learning all types of martial arts on his tour of the East makes Batman a deadly force to be reckoned with in hand-hand combat. His stealth makes him really powerful at night when he is often seen take down hundreds of villains just by hiding in the shadows.

Batman's utility belt contains a deadly arsenal of
  • Batarangs
  • Grapnels and hooks
  • Razor sharp throwing blades
  • Smoke pellets
But Batman's main weakness is the ruthlessness he lacks, Batman never kills his foes whereas Capt. America makes no such promises.

Capt. America's skill too is greatly enhanced due to the Super-Soldier serum. His shield is made of vibranium and can even withstand a heavy blow from Thor's Mjollnir. Capt also throws his shield with great accuracy and speed.

Batman - 85/100
Capt. America - 70/100

Keeping in mind all these things it is a really close call but just like his sidekick Batman edges out Capt due to the stealth factor. His wide array of weapons in his utility belt only strengthens the Batman's cause.

Intellect :

Well, the less I say about this topic the better for Capt America fans.

Though Capt America is shown to be an able and shrewd leader, his intellect is nowhere near Batman who is the most intelligent character in DC Comics. Batman is not only a master tactician but is familiar with the working of electronics too - making him the Tony Stark of Justice League.

Batman - 80/100
Capt America - 65/100

No contest here... Batman all the way.

Armour :

BatmobileBatman wears a Flameweave / Kevlar composite armour which is fire-resistant and bulletproof to some extent. His cowl acts as a  prop to make his figure seem more terrifying while the cape often makes the enemies aim at the larger figure instead of aiming exactly at him.

He rides on his Batmobile which is High-Powered Car with built in weaponry.

Steve Rogers' bike
Captain America had designed his own armour after the American flag, it is made of fire-retardant material and he wears a lightweight, bulletproof "duralumin" scale armour beneath his uniform for added protection.

He rides on a custom made motorcycle designed by S.H.I.E.L.D. and reimprovised by Wakanda Techs. But the Captain uses his motorcycle only for transport and prefers fighting without it, hence has a severe disadvantage against the Bat vehicles.  

Batman - 80/100
Capt. America - 65/100

The round goes to Batman simply because he has the better transport. His car / bike / helicopter / jet can beat Captain any day due to superior weapons and speed. 

Special Powers :

Both are mortals and rely on their tech rather than any super human abilities. However the super soldier serum's effects cannot be ignored. Hence it will be treated as a semi special power and its points will be halved.

Captain America due to the super soldier serum has superior strength, durability, accuracy and agility. The super soldier serum also gives the captain a healing factor. This is not as strong as the Hulk's or Wolverine's but is strong enough to negate few of the Batman's critical blows.

[Points out of 50 as it is against a mortal]
Batman - 0/50
Capt. America - 30/50


Batman - 245/350
Capt. America - 230/50


Batman prevails over the Captain due to his tactics and the ability to hide in the shadow and attack when the time is right. The Dark Knight rises !


  1. I fully agree that Batman would take out Captain America. Nice battle.

  2. Easy comparison. Try something more difficult like Captain America vs Wonderwoman, or Batman vs Hulk

    1. Will add it to the list soon :)

    2. I was doing some research for the Captain vs Wonder-Woman thing and I really feel it is a Stomp Parade for the Wonder Woman fans. She'll crush Steve beyond recognition. I would like something more closer.

      Your Batman vs Hulk will be published soon :).

  3. No kidding, you miscalculated big time, and i lean towards batman...ALOT. But you missed out some of caps skills and abilities, batman is smart, but if you are putting so much effort into this you have to account for one thing, does he know he will face captain america ahead of time?if not, then cap takes this easy. Cap can dodge bullets, jump 20 ft in the air with no running start, literally cannot get tired or poisoed/intoxicated and has beaten thor, iron man, AND hulk (look up fallen son: spiderman incase you dont believe the hulk one) etc. in the same way that bats has beat supes, green lantern, and solomon grundy etc...with his BRAIN. His training in hand-to-hand combat is thought to be less than bats because he learned asian styles whereas ppl only believe cap learned in the army training corps (the movie does a crappy job showing any training) but he does know ALOT of martial arts, even to the point of almost as much as bats, and bats has even said it himself that "it is conceivable you could beat me, but it will take you a very long time" (which is as close as you are going to get from bats admitting defeat. Also caps skin and bones are reinforced due to the serum and has a healing factor not wolverine speed but more spidey speed that ppl are not aware of.

    1. Unfortunately we have made it so that the Bat and the Cap meet each other directly on the battlefield and there is no preparation time given.
      It is as you say a more of a Brain vs Brawn matchup, but I put my money on the Bat.

  4. You didn't considered the super soldier serum effects, Cap don't get tired, has super reflexes, an accelerated healing factor, is in the peak of human condition and is highly trained in fighting techniques and martial arts. the shield of caps is virtually indestructible, at least batman has no means for breaking it. I like bats more than caps, but I think this is a match that the dark knight normally shouldn't win, he could kills caps from his back side using his stealth skills, but he wouldn't do it ...

    1. I am sure Batman would see through it somehow, he would in fact try to disarm the Captain instead of trying to break his shield. Also we have taken the super soldier serum into consideration and have not deemed it as a special power due to its physical limitations.

      As far as the point that Batman wouldn't kill Capt, yes it is true. It is one of the things that I hate and admire at the same time. But here I consider a fight to be won even if you knock the person unconscious and so Batman stands quite a chance.

  5. Come on...You make it seem way too close! Batman has practically given Superman a run for his money (even defeated him a couple of times!). There is no way captain America is even a match there. Batman's super intelligence can help him find a weakness in anybody.

    The dark Knight all the way!

    1. You're right, but Cap on the other hand has defeated the likes of Thor, Hulk and IronMan. He is no small fighter and has his shield to block and dodge Batman's batarangs.. At the end of the day I feel it will be a lot closer than most people would expect.

  6. your all dumb captain america would kick his ass and his serum should be considered a super power after all hulks is and captain america is essentially the original hulk. if anything it would be incredibly close. the only time i know of that they ever met in battle was marvel vs dc crossover in 1996 and batman won after a grudge match and admitted it was only due to luck. there for i believe the match would be ridiculously close but i have to lean towards captain america especially in a battlefield with no preparation time bcuz batmans best power is his knowledge and time to prepare but in this situation he would be taken by suprise and captain americas experience in sudden battlefield situations would make him the victor

    1. You do see that the fight is actually very close. While I think you are on the right track I would like to differ by saying that Batman's best power is intelligence not knowledge. In more than one occasions he has proven himself to adapt in-between battle and exploit the enemy's weakness.


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